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The Sexual Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works

6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works

With Halloween fast approaching us today I thought we should discuss the sexual benefits of a little known bedroom powerhouse that you’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of over the next few weeks.

And that little known sexual powder keg is none other than pumpkin - or more specifically the part most of us just throw right in the trash – the seeds.

The sexual benefits of pumpkin seeds are actually pretty well known across most of Europe and China but for some reason they haven’t captured quite as much main stream attention here in the U.S.

It’s a shame too because these amazing little seeds on top of being a top notch sexual stimulant are also one of the most nutrient dense, prostate friendly foods you can get your hands on.

But the real secret to their magic lies in fact that pumpkin seeds are brimming with three very crucial pro-sexual nutrients that when taken in combination have been shown to have an amazing “uplifting” effect on the male libido.

And as a little added bonus – these 3 miracles of Mother Nature have also been shown to help support and maintain a healthy functioning prostate…


Phosphorous: A critical nutrient for maintaining healthy erectile function and a vigorously strong libido – in my opinion Phosphorous is one of the most underrated pro-sexual nutrients around.

Zinc: Is a critical component in your body’s ability to maintain peak levels of the sex hormone testosterone. Zinc is also key component for healthy sperm production and is the life blood of a healthy functioning prostate.

And remember when it comes to sex your prostate is just as important as your penis. Think of your prostate as kind of the command and control center for your entire penis – it controls everything from how much sperm you release when you ejaculate to the power of your urine stream. So proper maintenance is crucial!

Magnesium: Not only is Magnesium a key component for optimum sexual function – it’s also one of the most effective prostate supporters you can find. And if you desire powerful erections and a strong libido it’s never too early to take the necessarily steps to ensure a lifetime of healthy prostate function.

Not only that, pumpkin seeds are also an excellent source of the amino acid Myosin an essential component for strong muscular contraction in your penis.

And the Omega-3 fatty acids found in pumpkin seeds are an essential component for optimum heart health – another key component for Rock Hard erections and maximum sexual function.

So give pumpkin seeds a try why don’t you? You can buy pumpkin seeds in almost any supermarket, convenience store or health food market.

There’s also a very good chance you’re going to be carving up a pumpkin over the next couple weeks – so this year instead of throwing those precious seeds in the trash try toasting them up until their golden brown and sprinkling them with a little sea salt.

Or if pumpkin seeds aren’t really your thing you can get all the same benefits I mentioned above in a fraction of the time with a quality supplement containing pumpkin seed extract.

I get my daily dose in my Men’s Daily Multi-Vitamin – it has all the benefits of your standard multi with a bunch of extras thrown in just for us guys to help super charge our libido’s and keep our prostate’s functioning at maximum capacity for life.

Stay Healthy!

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team


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