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  • Memory + Mushroom Complex

    Memory + Mushroom Complex

    A powerful nootropic blend to boost your memory and cognitive health.

    60 Capsules $26.95

    Everything You Need to Support a Stronger Memory, and Then Some There’s a revolution happening in the world of brain health, and you don’t want to...

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  • Focus +

    Focus +

    Take on your daily tasks with an entirely invigorated state of mind.

    60 Capsules $23.95

    Take Your Concentration and Alertness to New Heights Feel your attention drifting throughout the day? Can’t stay focussed while completing routine ...

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  • Focus & Memory Chocolates

    Focus & Memory Chocolates

    Brain food has never been sweeter! Give your mind the boost it needs in the most enjoyable way possible.


    Keep Your Mind as Sharp as Your Sweet Tooth! What's better than dessert that makes you smarter? Our focus & memory chocolates feature a full r...

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