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Our Rigid Testing Methodology

Safety at Every Step. Quality in Every Bottle.

Our holistic approach to better health wouldn’t be complete without a holistic approach to the safety and quality of our supplements. Best Life Herbals’ responsibility to our customers begins with the ingredients we source and doesn’t end until we’re sure that the final product meets both our standards and yours.

Through our proprietary Fully Integrated Testing (FIT) methodology, we ensure that each product matches our high standards of quality before we consider it fit to ship to our customers. This process includes checks and tests at every step of the way:


Every one of our ingredient partners is rigorously vetted and each ingredient comprehensively tested.


Detailed operating procedures and guidelines are always followed to the T, and are overseen by a team of Quality Assurance specialists.

Finished Product

Every batch receives a Certificate of Analysis after being retested for purity using special instruments and techniques.

It starts by finding the purest ingredients from the most trustworthy partners.

While we may not have the land and tractors to grow botanicals ourselves, we still treat each and every ingredient in our products as if they were our own.

As such, our ingredient partners need to be trusted allies - for our customers as much as for ourselves. To eliminate the risk of subpar ingredients, we adhere to a strict analysis procedure based on NSF guidelines. This includes:

  • Physical Audits
  • Interviews
  • Testing method validations
  • Background checks for any past regulatory issues

Before an ingredient makes it into a capsule of your favorite BLH product - before it even reaches our manufacturing facility - we’ve taken measures to make sure it matches our quality standards.

Next, we test every ingredient to be absolutely sure.

Even though our ingredient partners are some of the best in the business, we want to verify with our own eyes (and high-tech analysis tools) that every raw material is exactly as it should be.

Each ingredient is tested using an NSF-designed hazard analysis program, with special protocol suited to each individual ingredient.

  • Every material’s identity is confirmed using near-infrared spectroscopy.
  • We use third-party verified reference standards, ensuring that the ingredient printed on the label is exactly the ingredient in the bottle.
  • Extensive testing is then performed to eliminate the possibility of adulterants or contaminants.
  • All materials are also continuously monitored to prevent the introduction of any microbial contaminants during processing and holding.

You wouldn’t want to eat food made by a chef who didn’t take pride in every ingredient - why should your herbal supplements be any different?


Quality assurance is at the heart of every step of the manufacturing process.

Once we’ve checked and checked again to make sure every ingredient is pure and safe, our focus turns toward crafting every capsule to be accurately blended and securely packaged, so that you can take the road to better health with confidence.

Every step of the manufacturing process is documented and tracked by the Quality Assurance team, with detailed records being reviewed at every step.


Each ingredient is meticulously weighed out and the weight double verified before being blended into one of our products according to a carefully crafted formula.


Once blended, each batch is logged and labeled, then inspected again by the Quality Assurance team.


The blended raw materials are precisely placed into individual capsules, with weight checks being conducted every 15 minutes to ensure uniform, accurate dosage.


Every capsule enters the inspection stage, where any not adhering to strict specifications will be removed from the batch and discarded.


Finally, the capsules are bottled and sealed for freshness and potency, as well as to create a tamper evident barrier. Our CGMP-compliant Full Disclosure labels are then added to tell you exactly what’s in your Best Life Herbals product - never anything more, never anything less.

All finished products must earn a Certificate of Analysis before being sent to your doorstep.

The way we see it, all of these precautions would be for naught if we couldn’t say with certainty that every product we ship is as perfect as it possibly can be.

Call us neurotic, but, even after the exhaustive battery of tests a bottle of our supplements goes through, the last item on the checklist is still… another test.

Trusting the process is great, but having the results to prove that every safecheck did its job is even better.

All finished products are closely examined using specialized equipment to verify that the potency and purity of every product meets all proper standards.

An additional check takes place to eliminate the possibility of contamination from microbes or heavy metals.

At long last, we can rest easy knowing that each product lives up to the standards of quality and purity we’ve established over the years, and a Certificate of Analysis is awarded - a sort of diploma that every young herbal supplement dreams of earning.

Our best practices. Your best life.

Going above and beyond when it comes to our safety practices is an honor, not a burden. We’re proud to be your partner in wellness, and prouder still to be able to guarantee the quality of every product with the certainty of having seen the results for ourselves.