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A Nobel Prize winning discovery powers this bladder health super supplement.

30 Capsules


in stock

A Nobel Prize winning discovery powers this bladder health super supplement.

30 Capsules


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Celebrating 15 Years
Quality Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping
Made in the USA
Celebrating 15 Years
Quality Guarantee

Get fast relief for overactive bladder, UI, and UTIs with one of the best bladder control supplements.

If you’ve ever found yourself relying on the wrong overactive bladder supplements, you understand how frequent urination, accidents, and urgency can hamper a happy, healthy lifestyle. A healthy bladder means more than just fewer leaks, reduced urges to go, and no more accidents - it means the freedom to laugh without worrying about those leaks, live without urges, and take back the moments lost to dreadful urinary incontinence.

Ultranol is the overactive bladder treatment for every man and woman looking to replenish their urinary health so that “staying careful” can become “feeling carefree”. With a meticulously crafted formula featuring a Nobel Prize winning discovery, you can finally find the relief you’ve been looking for with Ultranol.

Try a bladder control pill backed by the power of a Nobel Prize Winning discovery.

Whether you currently take an overactive bladder medication or prostate product and are looking to augment your regimen, or are simply starting from scratch, the key to an effective urinary incontinence remedy is its ability to:

Eliminate bacteria
Reduce inflammation
Restore bladder muscle tone

While Cranberry Extract may be a familiar ingredient in bladder control products, combining the special, tannin-rich form in Ultranol with D-Mannose – a naturally occurring, Nobel Prize winning bacteria-fighter – the two become a urinary health dream team that checks all of those boxes.

  • When tested against types of E. Coli known to live in the urinary tract, D-Mannose completely blocked and removed 25 strains, and removed about half of an additional 11 strains.1

  • The Cranberry Extract in Ultranol is full of protective tannins that reduce urinary bacteria levels in as few as 4 to 6 hours.2

  • By blocking and eliminating bacteria, these two ingredients prevent inflammation to erase sudden urges, soothe burning, and relieve pressure.

Plus, nourishing botanicals and amino acids that make Ultranol the TOTAL bladder control supplement.

With 1 in 5 men and over half of all women living with urinary incontinence and urgency, we knew Ultranol had to be more than just a male or female bladder control supplement - it had to be a complete remedy for everyone in need of relief. That’s why, in addition to cranberry and D-Mannose, Ultranol features a full array of effective ingredients.

  • L-Glutamine, glycine and 18 other natural amino acids immediately get to work rejuvenating bladder tissue, restoring muscle elasticity, and improving smooth muscle response for a normal, natural flow.

  • Uva Ursi brings an incredible history of clearing up bladder issues to Ultranol’s already formidable formula. In one study, 100% of participants taking Uva Ursi for 30 days were clear of all bladder concerns, compared to only 23% given placebo.3

  • A carefully selected assortment of potent herbs such as butcher’s broom, buchu leaf extract, and hydrangea extract puts the finishing touches on this well-rounded lineup. By serving as gentle diuretics, these botanicals help cleanse the urinary system and soothe irritated tissue.

Whereas many other remedies for an overactive bladder may address one or two aspects of bladder control, it’s Ultranol’s unique, 360-degree approach that’s helped so many achieve liberating ease and comfort with just one capsule a day.

Thousands of men and women have said goodbye to their bladder issues by saying hello to Ultranol.

Why let urinary incontinence, UTI’s, and bladder control issues stand between you and your best life? Ultranol’s harmonious blend of potent ingredients has given a fresh start, fast relief, and newfound freedom to thousands of our customers.

“ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I used to wear protective pads 24/ none at all. My bladder is under control!" – Judy “After trying several products, Ultranol finally gave me the security and courage to get out to socialize, and to attend different events..." – Ed “I am so very pleased with this product. It has made my life much easier not having to worry about keeping safe & dry." – Ann

You can feel confident in your order knowing you have a full year to take advantage of our No-Hassle 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Plus, every product is tested and retested using our FIT Safety & Quality Methodology.

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Suggested Use: Just one easy-to-swallow capsule, once a day.
Serving Size: One capsule
Servings per container: 30

ultranol ingredients

Science, Facts, and Quality at a Glance

Cranberry Extract

Not all cranberry extracts are created equal, which is why many urinary incontinence products fall short. High tannin levels are responsible for cranberry’s ability to control and reduce bacteria, but only spray-dried cranberry juice like the ingredient used in Ultranol contains these tannins.

Research from Yale University and other leading institutions shows that cranberry cuts down urinary bacteria levels in as few as 4-6 hours.1


D-Mannose is both a standalone super ingredient and a perfect partner for cranberry extract that helped earn chemist Emil Fischer the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Found naturally in fruits and berries, D-Mannose makes its way directly to the bladder by way of the kidneys, with research showing that it eliminates bacteria, prevents further bacterial growth, and relieves inflammation in as little as 1 day.2,3,4,5

Amino Acids

A full array of 18 different amino acids including L-Glutamine, glycine, and L-Arginine rebuild and strengthen bladder tissue by creating collagenous proteins to help:

Boost nitric oxide activity and smooth muscle function 6
Restore a relaxed, natural urinary flow7
Improve bladder muscle contraction in as little as one week8

Healing Botanicals

Uva Ursi remedies a host of different bladder control issues. In one study, 100% of participants taking Uva Ursi for 30 days were clear of all bladder concerns, compared to only 23% of those given a placebo.9
Butcher’s Broom addresses bloating and swelling, and has additional digestive benefits such as soothing discomfort.
Marshmallow Root is packed with vitamins and minerals, making it a perfect choice for easing inflammation and calming irritated tissue.
Juniper Berry and Buchu Leaf Extracts help cleanse the urinary system by flushing out bacteria, uric acid, and toxins that may be contributing to subpar urinary health.10,11
Hydrangea Extract and Birch Leaf Powder act as gentle diuretics, purifying the kidneys and bladder from unhealthy build up.

Quality and Safety

Best Life Herbals prioritizes the wellbeing of our customers above all else. Our responsibility to you begins with the ingredients we source, and doesn’t end until we’re sure that every final product meets both our standards and yours.>

That’s why we implement our Fully Integrated Testing approach to quality and safety:

  • All of our ingredient partners are carefully vetted, trusted allies to Best Life Herbals and our customers.
  • Each raw ingredient is comprehensively tested using industry leading practices.
  • Our manufacturing process is carefully monitored by Quality Assurance specialists, and every bottle earns a Certificate of Analysis before being shipped to your door.

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