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This Secret May Help Women Rediscover Lost Passion. But the Source…May Surprise You!

This Secret May Help Women Rediscover Lost Passion. But the Source…May Surprise You!

This may be the craziest story you’ve ever heard. But if you want to rekindle lost passion… stick with us. Because scientists have discovered help in a truly unusual place.

The secret is a type of natural compound called “phytoecdysteroids” – or PESs for short. What makes them odd is they’re plant versions of… bug steroids.

We told you it would sound crazy. But here’s why this is great news: PESs act in your body in very specific ways. Ways that suggest they may be able to help you “get your mojo back,” as the saying goes.

What are these compounds… and how do they work? That’s what we’re about to reveal. And once you’ve heard the story, it will make perfect sense that we’ve included these unusual compounds in Sensualé – our unique women’s passion formula.

Bugs Don’t Have Sex Hormones… And Why That’s Good News for You

In many ways, insects are simpler creatures than humans. One of those ways is their lack of sex hormones. Instead, they have ecdysteroids. These compounds control many functions – from molting to sexual behavior.

Over millions of years, some plants have developed a defense against bugs that uses the plants’ own version of these ecdysteroids – PESs – as a defense.

When bugs chow down on plants with high levels of PESs, it floods their bodies with compounds that act exactly like ecdysteroids. Which disrupts the insects’ natural balance and can make them sick or kill them outright.

Either way, plants with high levels of PESs have become resistant to many types of insect.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Because studies show PESs are active in humans, too. And almost all of their effects are positive.

In some ways, PESs act like testosterone. Which may be useful. Because humans’ testosterone levels drop as they age. And that can interfere with your love life.

So PESs – which began as a plant defense against bugs – may wind up as a way for people to defend themselves against the loss of passion as they get older. So far, the evidence is very promising.

PESs Have Anabolic Effects

An anabolic compound is one that speeds up a metabolic process. For example, body builders use certain anabolic compounds to “bulk up.” That is, to build more muscle mass faster.

In a 2015 study, feeding them PESs triggered growth in the muscle fibers of lab animals. In fact, when German doctors compared PESs to other anabolic compounds, they made a surprising discovery.

One common PES had a stronger anabolic effect then every other compound they tested it against.1

In fact, the effect was so strong, the authors suggested PESs should be banned for professional athletes!

Research by an expert from Belgium’s University of Leuven points to one PES as the insect version of testosterone. In fact, his research suggests PESs were first the bug version of sex hormones… with other functions coming later.2

In 2005, University researchers in Hungary reviewed the current information on PESs. They found evidence PESs boost protein production (an anabolic effect)… lower stress… and boost “physical and sexual performance.”3

Research revealed in 2008 points to PESs having multiple benefits… including boosting immune function, blunting the effects of high blood sugar, defending against liver damage, and acting in some ways like anabolic hormones.4

Are PESs effective? Well, someone thinks so. Because the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is looking into their effects. This is the agency that watches for “cheaters” in the Olympics.

WADA has commissioned a study on what they’ve called “the Russian secret” from the 1980s – PESs. That’s how well they may promote physical performance and energy.5

Research Reveals Multiple Benefits

In 2006, an article in The Journal of Endocrinology laid out some of the positive effects of PESs. The authors found PESs…

Boost the production of proteins. This is often linked to increased muscle mass… as well as stamina and energy levels

  • Encourage lower cholesterol levels
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Improve skin appearance by boosting your body’s natural healing processes
  • Defend nerve cells and encourage production of key neurotransmitters.6

Ten years later – in 2016 – the Institute of Experimental Botany echoed some of the same benefits.

The Institute noted PESs…

  • Promote greater muscle mass – without the side effects of most anabolic agents.
  • Boost physical performance and energy levels.
  • Defend against the effects of stress.

In other words, PESs appear to block many of the issues that can interfere with intimacy.

So, PESs deliver multiple positive effects. And don’t have the side effects of some other anabolic agents. But where can you get these potent compounds?

From a lowly plant called Polypodium vulgare. This plant doesn’t deliver just one or two of these amazing compounds. Scientists have found P. vulgare contains at least 11 types of PESs.8

That’s why P. vulgare is a key ingredient in Sensualé. But it’s just one of the 9 potent herbs and nutrients in our exclusive formula.

Gently Enhancing Passion Nature’s Way

For most people, the aging process includes a loss of interest in intimacy. You want to feel the passion you once had, but the feeling’s just not there. Don’t worry. Several herbs can gently help enhance desire.

Take maca, for instance. This herb from the high Andes Mountains has a long history. It was a staple food of the Incas. And their top choice for boosting desire and stamina.,/p>

Over the last 20 years or so, modern science has taken notice. And the results show the Incas were right.

In reviewing the evidence, Psychology Today reports women in an Australian study took maca or a placebo for six weeks. The women taking maca reported an upturn in their overall mood… and enjoyed intimacy more. The placebo group didn’t show these improvements.

Women in a Massachusetts study took either a placebo or maca. Only the maca group reported increased desire. Those taking a higher dose also reported better “sexual function.”9

Perhaps most encouraging is the fact blood samples taken before and after the Australian study show maca works without affecting hormone levels.

Korean ginseng is another herb shown to gently restore desire.

A group of mature women volunteered to take either Korean ginseng or a placebo. After the first round, doctors waited 2 weeks, and switched the women to the opposite pill.

While taking Korean ginseng, the volunteers felt a significant increase in desire. But not while taking the placebo.10

You’ll find both these gentle enhancers in Sensualé. Along with 6 other natural secrets for gently increasing your desire for – and enjoyment of – intimacy.

Enhancement Piled on Enhancement for Maximum Effect

We’ve formulated Sensualé for maximum effect. For example, we’ve included velvet bean extract. This unusual plant is a rich natural source of L-dopa, which your body can convert to dopamine.

Dopamine is a key neurotransmitter involved in desire and reward. There is also some evidence L-dopa may encourage a gentle rise in testosterone levels.11

Plus, Sensualé contains L-arginine. Your body uses this amino acid to create nitric oxide (NO). NO enhances circulation… which is a key to increased pleasure for both men and women.

Add in 4 other proven desire-boosting herbs, and you have Nature’s recipe for greater desire. And greater pleasure.

Even better, you can enjoy enhanced intimacy with no risk.

You’ll Love Sensualé, Or We’ll Buy It Back – Guaranteed

We wouldn’t blame you if you were a little wary. There are few products overhyped more than libido boosters. That’s why we’ve removed all your risk.


Order any quantity of Sensualé – even just a single bottle – and try it for yourself. We promise you’ll love it… or we’ll buy it back (less any shipping and handling). Up to a full year from your order date.

That means no risk… and no stress. Because you don’t have to watch your calendar when you order from Best Life Herbals. And it gets even better…

Don’t want to risk even our nominal shipping charge? No problem. Every U.S. order over $65.00 ships FREE.

And with our quantity discounts, you can save up to 20% on every order of Sensualé.

Don’t yearn for the days when intimacy was exciting. When desire burned like a flame. Rediscover the passion – and satisfaction – time has quenched.

Check out Sensualé today… and feel the passion of intimacy again.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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