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Aztec “Magic” Works Wonders for Healthy Vision

Aztec “Magic” Works Wonders for Healthy Vision

Featuring: Visanol

The ancient Aztecs were resourceful. They didn’t have horses… or practical wheels… or even weapons of metal. Yet they carved out a huge empire.

They made protein-rich “cakes” from the algae that grew in the lake around their capital, Tenochtitlan. They built wide causeways into the city and canals to carry goods by boat. And their roads stretched out for hundreds of miles in all directions.

Aztecs humble flower

But perhaps the most important contribution the Aztecs made to history was a humble flower. To the Aztecs, it was medicine… and magic. They even believed this flower could protect them from drowning.

Spanish adventurers brought the flower back to Spain in the 1500s. It quickly became a popular ornamental plant, thanks to its bright orange and yellow blooms. From there, it spread across Europe and into Africa. And eventually to North America.

Nobody believes this flower is magic any more. But it’s about as close to real magic as a plant can get.

Today, we’ll look at how the Aztec marigold could help keep your world brighter and more colorful for many years to come.

The Real Beauty of Marigolds Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Marigolds are one of the most popular ornamental flowers in the world. You’ll find them in countless flower gardens across much of the U.S. Organic gardeners even plant them near their crops in the (mistaken) belief marigolds repel ants.


Marigolds are also popular as a natural dye. They readily “share” their bright yellow, gold, and orange color. In fact, a popular brand of chicken uses them to add a “healthy” color to their product.

And it’s that color that contains the real marigold magic. Because it’s created by carotinoids – the vitamin A family.

Vitamin A and its “cousins” are key to healthy vision. Which is why you’ll find marigold extract in every bottle of Best Life Herbals’ Visanol.

You see, vitamin A is key to healthy vision. But one of its close relatives may be even more important to keeping your world bright and colorful. That “cousin” is lutein. And the Aztec marigold is probably the world’s best source of this critical nutrient.

Why Marigolds: The Most Isn’t Always the Best

Before I show you why you need plenty of lutein, let’s crush a myth. “The most” isn’t always “the best.” Here’s why…

Aztec marigold isn’t the world’s richest source of lutein. That honor goes to tiny plants called “micro-algae.” But there’s a little problem that comes along with these little plants. They hold a lot more precious lutein than marigold petals.

But they really hold it. You can’t get to most of the lutein in micro-algae unless the individual cell walls are broken down. And they’re tough. So manufacturers are left with a dilemma…

Making the lutein in these tiny plants available is an expensive process. So you have to price your product through the roof. Or, you just list what’s there… knowing most of it will just pass through your buyers’ guts untouched.

On the other hand, the lutein in marigold petals is highly bioavailable. There may be less than in micro-algae… but you can deliver a lot more of this key nutrient for a lot less.

These bright and colorful blossoms can add a lot of bright and colorful memories to your future.

Unlock the Secret of a Sharp, Vivid World

Almost 20 years ago, an international team showed marigold is a rich source of two key vision boosters: lutein and zeaxanthin. But especially zeaxanthin.1

Marigold petals, they found, are literally packed with lutein. And it’s highly absorbable. Here’s why that’s good news…

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun constantly bombard your eyes. UV rays are the cause of sunburn. And your eyes – far more sensitive to your skin – would be “burned up” without protection.

That’s why your eyes have sort of built-in sunglasses. It’s called macular pigment. And it’s made up of two vitamin A “cousins” – lutein and zeaxanthin. But it’s mostly lutein.

Macular pigment absorbs UV rays – defending against damage to the sensitive cells that receive visible light – and begin the process we call sight.

Studies show the thicker your macular pigment layer, the less likely you are to suffer damage to the light-sensitive cells of your retina. They also show that taking lutein and/or zeaxanthin can provide added defenses against damage.2

In fact, a study at Florida International University found taking lutein for as little as 20 days can lead to thicker macular pigment… and can help cut the amount of damaging rays reaching the retina up to 40%.3

If that were all taking lutein could do, it would be enough. But other studies show even more benefits.

Imagine a Sharper, More Colorful World

There’s an old saying that tell us “the first thing to go is the eyes.”

That may be true for some people. But for anyone taking the right combination of nutrients, it seems to be a myth.

A 2006 study revealed taking lutein and/or zeaxanthin promoted a thicker layer of macular pigment. But that wasn’t all. Volunteers who took these supplements also showed improvements in red/green color vision.4

But that’s not all. A study published in Opthalmic and Physiological Optics in 2010 took things even further. This study showed lutein and zeaxanthin also promote clearer, sharper vision.5

Together, these studies show…

• You could see results in as little as 20 days
• Your world could become more colorful
• Fuzziness could move towards visual clarity.

And – in 2014 – a follow-up to the famous AREDS study suggested lutein (and zeaxanthin) may be your best option for promoting long-term vision health.

This follow-up study showed lutein and zeaxanthin have a powerful effect against UV damage. And this combination is actually safer than taking Beta-carotene for eye health.6

Aztec marigold is rich in lutein. But it’s also a good source of zeaxanthin. Which means it could provide all the benefits listed here. And at a far lower cost than a supplement with micro-algae.

But we’re not through with the benefits.

Expanded Defenses for Your Eyes

Thinning macular pigment is a common cause of vision problems. But it’s hardly the only one.

The tissues in your eyes are highly specialized… and extremely delicate. A number of inherited conditions can lead to damage to your vision. For those related to macular pigment, lutein seems to help.

In a 2000 study, volunteers with these inherited conditions began to see improvements in just two weeks. Oddly, people with blue eyes showed the most improvement.7

A 2006 study of similar conditions found volunteers taking lutein held on to visual sharpness longer. And – in at least some cases – volunteers had a boost in visual sharpness after taking lutein.8

Would you like one more reason to love these vitamin A cousins? Here it is…

Sharper Eyes… Sharper Mind

Guess which vitamin a “cousin” is most common in your brain.

If you guessed, “lutein,” give yourself a gold star. Your brain apparently needs more lutein than vitamin A, Beta carotene, or any other carotenoid.

As a baby, your brain’s lutein needs were more than double than when you became an adult. So scientists think lutein is a key to healthy brain development.

But lutein is still the most common carotenoid in a healthy adult brain. In fact, adults with higher levels of lutein also show overall better cognitive function.9

This suggests lutein plays an important role in mental sharpness… as well as visual sharpness. You can think of it as a bonus benefit.

It’s also another reason you’ll find Aztec marigold extract in Visanol.

Sure, it’s a “side effect,” But isn’t it one you want?

Imagine enjoying sharper, more colorful vision… and a sharper mind. It could happen with the nutrients in Visanol.

Plus, there’s no risk.

The Best of All Worlds – in One Easy Step

Support for clear, sharp vision… improved mental clarity as a “side effect’… and no risk. If that sounds like an ideal opportunity, that’s because it is. And you can enjoy that ideal opportunity only when you order from Best Life Herbals.

Most supplement companies offer a 30- or 60-day guarantee. A few stretch it to 90 days. But with Best Life Herbals, you get a full ear – 365 days – to consider your purchase. It’s the best satisfaction guarantee in the business.

And we only offer it because we know our formulas work. Heck – we take them ourselves! So we know you’ll be satisfied.

But, if you’re somehow not satisfied, you have a full year – 12 long months – to ask for your money back. That’s how confident we are you’ll be thrilled with your results.

So there’s no risk for you.

Try Visanol for yourself. Test the power of Aztec marigold’s lutein – plus the potent support of 15 more vision boosters. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled – or we’ll refund your purchase price. Even up to a year after you’ve placed your order.

Who else is offering you that deal? Either we’re crazy, or Visanol works for an awful lot of people.

Why leave your future to chance? Maybe you’ll be lucky, and your vision will hold on for a few more years.

Or maybe you’ll be smart and give your eyes the support they need to keep your world sharp and colorful for years to come.

The choice is yours. And with no risk, Visanol just may be your ticket to a brighter, more colorful world.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

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