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This Forgotten Secret Busts Cholesterol…Without Side Effects

This Forgotten Secret Busts Cholesterol…Without Side Effects

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s plenty of evidence that the mainstream makes too much of a fuss over high cholesterol. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

High cholesterol can be dangerous. When it’s oxidized, LDL – the so-called “bad” form – can play a major role in blocking arteries. This reduced blood flow can lead to serious – even fatal – heart events.

But calling cholesterol either bad (LDL) or good (HDL) is misleading. Especially since LDL and HDL aren’t the only types out there. Or the only factors in your heart-risk calculation.

Today, we’ll take an inside look at cholesterol. What it is… what it does… and a remarkably easy way to urge your cholesterol numbers lower. A simple, but potent, agent whose cholesterol busting powers have been all but forgotten.

The media and mainstream medicine may have forgotten this powerful secret, but we haven’t. Here’s why it’s an important part of the Cholest 9 formula.

You’d Die Without Cholesterol

To listen to the media and mainstream medicine, cholesterol is a killer molecule, stalking you. Waiting for a chance to strike.

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Without cholesterol, you’d die. It has several key functions in your body, including…

  • Digestion – You need cholesterol to make bile salts, which help you digest food.
  • Strong bones – Cholesterol helps your skin make vitamin D. And vitamin D is – among many other things – key to absorbing calcium for bone health.
  • Cell membranes – Cholesterol helps preserve the viability of individual cells.
  • Sex – It’s a steroid – and key to making your body’s sex hormones, like testosterone and estradiol.

One of your liver’s key functions is to make cholesterol. But other cells – including the lining of your small intestine – also make it. And you get some from your food. Especially animal foods like dairy and meat.

Your body makes most of its own cholesterol. On average, 85% of your cholesterol is “endogenous.” That is, your body itself makes it. The rest comes from your diet.

So what happens to make cholesterol “bad”?

Avoid Too Much of a Good Thing

Too much of anything is bad for you. Even water.

Drinking too much water can lead to hyponatremia – too little sodium in the blood. This can throw off the balance of fluids inside and outside your cells… lead to swelling of your brain… and even kill you.

Of course, this is rare. But it does happen – especially among endurance athletes. High LDL cholesterol is much more common.

Too much LDL cholesterol can overwhelm your body’s ability to clear it out. And that could put your heart at risk, if the excess builds up on artery walls.

Normally, it’s the job of HDL (“good”) cholesterol to transport excess LDL to the liver for disposal. But if you have too much LDL – or too little HDL – your body may not be able to keep up.

And that’s when you become vulnerable.

You can control how much cholesterol you get from your food. But that covers just a small percentage of your total cholesterol.

But with one simple step, you could make a huge impact on your overall cholesterol numbers. Without a single side effect.

30 Years of Proof – All But Forgotten

But green tea turned the world of cholesterol control upside down… 30 years ago.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the mainstream media was abuzz with green tea’s remarkable effects. Study after study showed green tea – or green tea extracts – could help you lower your LDL cholesterol numbers.

But when green tea stopped being a fad… it was almost forgotten. In the early 1990s, there seemed to be countless heart supplements with green tea. But most supplement companies abandoned green tea once the shine wore off.

To maximize profits, most companies go with the latest fad. Once green tea had run through its “15 minutes of fame,” they dropped it like a hot potato. And moved on to the next new sensation.

But here’s the thing: Green tea works. We have about 30 years of proof on hand. And that’s why you’ll still find this forgotten herb in Cholest 9.

Volunteers Get Super Results With Green Tea

Green tea extract is just the beginning. But what a beginning!

In 1992, Japanese doctors compared green tea consumption to cholesterol in a large group of men. They made adjustments for many factors – including smoking, body mass index, and more. But, in the end, men who drank plenty of green tea simply had much lower cholesterol numbers.1

Researchers at Vanderbilt University ran a 12-week test in 2003. Men who took a green tea extract (GTE) saw their total cholesterol levels drop by 11.3%. And their LDL levels plummeted 16.4%.

Men taking GTE also saw drops in triglycerides (another blood fat) and a small rise in their HDL – or “good” – cholesterol. Men taking a placebo saw no improvements.2

We could cite plenty of studies. But let’s look at two reviews that analyzed several studies each. Because they tell the story clearly.

In the first review, Chinese doctors compared 14 studies with 1,136 volunteers. This review found that drinking green tea – or taking green tea extracts – had a significant positive impact on total cholesterol levels… and on LDL levels.3

The 2nd review covered 20 studies with 1,415 volunteers.

This review also found significant improvements in both total and LDL cholesterol among those taking GTE. Or simply drinking green tea. Even studies that ran for as few as 3 weeks showed good results.4

How can green tea be so powerful? Well, apparently, it works in several ways…

Almost a “Master Control” for Cholesterol

Green tea and GTE seem to exert control on cholesterol from nearly every angle.

In 2007, a U.S.-Korean study showed GTE blocks absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.5

A 1999 study at the University of Hong Kong revealed GTE led to excreting higher levels of cholesterol.6

Scientists in the U.K. and Australia made another discovery in 2007.

According to their research, green tea led to lower levels of cholesterol production. It also led to “up-regulation” of LDL receptors in the liver.7 In other words, liver cells drew more LDL molecules to them for elimination.

The end result was lower plasma (blood) levels of LDL.

It’s almost as if something in green tea acts as a “master control” for cholesterol.

It sure has an effect on heart health.

A 1995 study in the prestigious British Medical Journal certainly reached that conclusion. This study of 1,371 men in Japan found that higher green tea intake was linked to lower levels of total and LDL cholesterol… and higher levels of “healthy” HDL.8

A 2007 Japanese study led to even more dramatic results.

In this study, men who took GTE enjoyed many benefits over those who didn’t…

  • They dropped more weight and lowered BMI (Body Mass Index) more
  • Their body fat ratio and body fat mass dropped more
  • They had a greater drop in waist circumference, hip circumference, visceral fat area, and subcutaneous fat area
  • Those with systolic blood pressure (SBP) of 130 or more saw a greater drop than the control group
  • Plus, their LDL levels dropped more.

Want a capper? There were ZERO side effects!9

Better Than Green Tea Alone

As you can probably see, green tea – or green tea extract – can have a huge impact on your cholesterol levels. But what if you add other herbal champs to green tea?

This question becomes key when you realize some studies show maximum benefits kick in by drinking 8 – 10 cups of green tea a day.

We all enjoy a cup or two of green tea once in a while. But 8 – 10 a day? That could put the biggest benefits out of reach for many people.

Which is why Cholest 9 delivers nine other cholesterol-busting champs.

For example, Cholest 9 contains…

  • Beta sitosterol – This potent plant steroid blocks absorption of cholesterol in the small intestines
  • Guggul – An extract of an Indian shrub, guggul signals your body to flush out excess cholesterol.
  • Octacosanol – A potent constituent of policosanol. The policosanol in Cholest 9 is 30% octacosanol… which helps clear cholesterol from the body.

In all, Cholest 9 provides 10 potent cholesterol busters. So you won’t have to worry about high cholesterol again.

Plus Cholest 9 frees you from another worry…

The No-Risk Way to Beat High Cholesterol

Words are cheap. Promises are easy. It’s how you back them up that matters. And nobody backs up their words like Best Life Herbals.

Because nobody else has our full-year satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works…

Place an order for any quantity of Cholest 9 – or any Best Life Herbals formula. Then take up to a full year… 12 months… 52 weeks… 365 days… to decide if you’re completely satisfied.

We guarantee you will be – or we’ll buy the product back (less any shipping and handling charge).

Not 30 days… 60 days… or even 90 days. A full year. That’s how confident we are you’ll be thrilled with our formulas.

Of course, there’s a reason for our confidence. We use these formulas ourselves. So do our families. So each one is as potent and effective we can make it.

And Cholest 9 is no exception.

Even better… you can save up to 20% on Cholest 9. That’s because we offer quantity discounts. And they’re still covered by our no-hassles full-year guarantee.

Or save up to 35% with Smart Ship. It’s our biggest savings option… and comes with the same full-year satisfaction guarantee as all our products.

Now it’s easy to cut your cholesterol – naturally. Check out Cholest 9 to find out just how easy busting high cholesterol can be.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

1 Kono, S., et al, “Green tea consumption and serum lipid profiles: A cross-sectional study in Northern Kyushu, Japan,” Preventive Medicine. Jul 1992; 21(4): 526-531.

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