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All Your Favorite Nutritional Supplements at Your Fingertips… The Fastest, Easiest Way to Enjoy Your Best Life

All Your Favorite Nutritional Supplements at Your Fingertips… The Fastest, Easiest Way to Enjoy Your Best Life

Remember the old days… when you had to find what you needed in one of those “vitamin stores”? It took forever to search through aisle after aisle and shelf after shelf of little bottles.

You might have 25… 50… 100… or even more choices for a single health issue. And the biggest difference between some of those choices was the label.

Even more frustrating, low-paid clerks often knew very little about the products they sold. And if you knew what you wanted, there was no guarantee it would be in stock when you got to the store.

If you wound up with a product that didn’t meet your needs… too bad. Most stores had a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. And you had to return the bottle unopened.

Then came the Internet. And all of that changed. Or we hoped it would… But most supplement suppliers stuck with their model from the pre-Internet days. Dozens of “me-too” options that are hard to tell apart… short guarantee periods… and no returns on open containers.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce our new Best Life Herbals website.

If you haven’t visited the Best Life Herbals website lately, you should. Because we’ve completely revamped our site to make your experience even faster, easier, and more satisfying.

You have better things to do than wade through dozens of near-identical formulas. So we’ve made your life easier by offering only the best of the best… and making them incredibly easy to find.

The Internet Revolution

If you’ve ever visited one of those “vitamin store” websites, you understand information overload. We looked at a popular site recently and found 148 different products just for prostate health.

Do you really have time to slog through 148 products? Especially when so many of them contain a single-ingredient. But these sites offer dozens of ways to buy plain old saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto is good, but the Beta-sitosterol in Prosterin is 50x more potent than saw palmetto. So why would we offer you plain saw palmetto? If you can find a better option, why waste your time and money? That’s why we only carry the better option.

A search for “pain” on the vitamin store site brought up 92 results. When we narrowed the search down to “green-lipped mussel,” it listed just four products. Not too bad, right?

Well, two of those products didn’t contain any green-lipped mussel at all. A third contained nothing else. And the fourth product contained only 5 ingredients.

Compare that to Best Life Herbals’ Nutranol Rx – with 12 proven pain busters. Including green-lipped mussel extract. And these ingredients work in different ways, so Nutranol Rx has you covered no matter how your pain originates.

Having choices may be good, but only if they make your life better. Having too many choices is just plain confusing… and wastes too much of your time and money.

And if they don’t even contain the item you’re looking for… well, what’s the point?

At Best Life Herbals, you’ll find choices, but you won’t have to sort through dozens of “me-too” products. Or products that don’t contain what you’re looking for. It’s fast, easy, and accurate.

And we think you’ll love an expanded feature that makes your life even easier.

Find Exactly What You Need in Just a Couple of Clicks

When you start with 148 prostate formulas, getting to the one you want can take a long time. Even with the help of filters.

But our newly expanded filter feature makes finding exactly what you need easy.

Let’s say you’re sick and tired of the chronic pain that’s been holding you back. From our new home page, just select “All Supplements,” and click on “Pain Relief” in the drop-down menu.

Bingo! You’re instantly brought to a page with just four options. But these four options cover a lot of ground. Including general pain, joint pain, and more.

Plus, our newly expanded filters offer you five options for sorting these four products… so you can quickly narrow down the choices to the one that best meets your needs.

For example, click on the “women” filter, and you’re offered Symprogen – our complete menopause support formula.

The ingredients in Symprogen are designed to address all the discomfort of “the change” – including the pain associated with this major life event.

Or maybe you’re a man who’s had some “performance” issues. From the main menu, click on “Just for Men.” You’ll arrive at a page with seven formulas.

Choosing “prostate” from the filters narrows your options to four. Selecting “testosterone” narrows that to two. “Choosing “sex potency” from the filter line directs you to another two formulas.

It’s a quick-and-easy way to find exactly what you need. No muss, no fuss, no hassles. Just two or three clicks and you’re there.

It’s all so simple. And fast. Our expanded filters make finding what you want a matter of moments… instead of hours sorting through dozens of “me-too” products on the vitamin store sites.

And if you make the wrong choice? Those vitamin store sites protect themselves instead of you.

Take Advantage of a Guarantee Unlike Any Other

We checked the satisfaction guarantee of the biggest online vitamin store out there. Guess what? They’ll refund your money… if you return your purchase, unopened, within 30 days.

In other words, if you don’t try the product you just bought, they’ll be happy to refund your money… as long as they can put it back on the shelf.

But what kind of guarantee is that? Basically, their guarantee is that they’ll give you your money back if you decide you shouldn’t have bought the product in the first place.

Compare that to Best Life Herbals’ satisfaction guarantee…

We promise you’ll love every formula you order from us. If you don’t – for any reason – we’ll buy it back. Up to a full year from your order date. Even if all that’s left is the empty bottle.

Our satisfaction guarantee runs for a full 365 days. Even if you order just a one-month supply.

Of course, we can’t refund shipping charges. But shipping is FREE on all orders over $65.00 sent to the continental U.S. So there’s a good chance your order qualified for free shipping in the first place.

Even if it didn’t, we’ll still refund the product price. And that’s a whole lot better than the nothing that online vitamin store offers.

So, you find the formula you want with just a handful of clicks. You test it risk-free. If you decide it’s not right for you… you can return the unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price – within a full year.

It doesn’t get any better than that. Except…

Unlike the vitamin store websites, we design our formulas with a real flesh-and-blood doctor.

At Best Life Herbals, Everything Is Personal

Ask an online vitamin store for the name of a doctor they work with, and you probably won’t get an answer. Because they mostly sell products made by other companies. And most of those companies just package whatever’s popular at the moment.

On the other hand, feel free to ask us.

Because we’ll tell you we work with Dr. Jeffrey Greiff. A real practicing M.D.

Dr. Greiff is a board-certified physician. He believes the path to health and longevity is found by combining traditional medicine with breakthrough alternative therapies and supplementation. And he acts on that belief.

Dr. Greiff has developed four exclusive “Dr. Jeffrey’s” formulas for Best Life Herbals. These aren’t “me-too” products like those offered on vitamin store websites… but genuinely unique nutritional supplements. Each offers scientifically proven benefits for pain, heart health, and digestion.

Plus, we – and our families – use these formulas. Because we understand the science behind them. That’s a benefit you’ll never get from the big vitamin store sites.

Since we design the products we promote, we can offer you what’s most effective… rather than what’s most popular.

So, for example, we offer Doctor Jeffrey’s Complete Pain Relief Formula.

Along with 3 more Doctor Jeffrey’s formulas… based on the most effective herbs and nutrients. And the most recent science.

And, like all our formulas, we make them easy to find. And, as with all our Best Life Herbals formulas, you can find your best solution in just a few clicks.

Plus, we offer you the latest science behind every formula we make.

We Give You the “Why” Behind Our Formulas

We regularly publish issues of The Journal of Healthy Living – a newsletter packed with information on herbs, nutrients, health issues, and the latest science on how to ease them.

We keep a complete library of The Journal of Healthy Living on our website. Just enter the topic that concerns you in our search window and look under the “Posts” tag.  You’ll find plenty of information not available anywhere else.

Having problems getting a good night’s sleep? Just type “sleep” in the search window, and you’ll get plenty of results. Like “New Sleep Secrets: What’s Keeping You Awake… And How to Get the Sleep Your Body Craves,” and “Why So Many Women Can’t Sleep… And How to Turn It Around.”

Whether your concern is heart health, memory problems, bladder issues – or more – you’re bound to find plenty of useful information. Because we’re always updating our files with the latest science on the health topics that concern you.

And how much will all this convenience cost you? Be prepared for more good news. Because the answer is ZERO.

That’s right. Many websites charge for access to health information. But back issues of The Journal of Healthy Living are FREE.

Need the secrets of deep, healing sleep? You’ll find them here. Digestion problems? We have practical answers. Want to know why NASA is so interested in probiotics? You’ll find that answer here, too.

You’ll discover hundreds of articles on your most compelling health issues. Information you won’t find collected anywhere else… and absolutely FREE.

It All Adds Up to Your Best Advantage

Finding your best options with just a few clicks. A satisfaction guarantee that really satisfies. Formulas designed by a real doctor. And hundreds of articles that reveal the secrets to living your Best Life.

It all adds up to the fastest and easiest choice for nutritional supplements… right at your fingertips.

So why waste your time on big vitamin retailers who make you work to find what you need? With Best Life Herbals, you get the fastest, easiest online experience. Now made even faster and easier.

Why not visit the improved Best Life Herbals website today… and discover how to save up to 35% on some of your favorite formulas.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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