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Gain Optimal Prostate Health and Sleep Through The Night!  

Gain Optimal Prostate Health and Sleep Through The Night!  

Get your prostate wellness under control. Recapture a robust sex life and never look back!

What makes Prosta-Rye one of the best prostate health supplements on the market? When we crafted this powerful formula, we did it for everyone whose current prostate supplements weren't cutting it. We knew how important it was to restore men's confidence and to reduce nighttime bathroom trips.

The result is a product that's given thousands of men the opportunity to spend less time in the bathroom, and have a better time in the bedroom. Prosta-Rye helps you enjoy the freedom that comes with a healthier prostate.

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We Source Only the Finest Key Natural Ingredients

12-Month Money Back Guarantee

All Products Crafted and Manufactured in the USA

Follows FDA-Approved “Good Manufacturing Practices”

Our Proprietary, Industry-Leading FIT Testing Methodology

The Finest Natural, Plant-Based Supplement

The Finest Natural, Plant-Based Supplement

Graminex® G63

Rye Flower Pollen Extract

Graminex® G63™ is a solvent-free, hypoallergenic Rye Pollen Extract made from rye grass grown on the Graminex® company's family-owned farms. Their proprietary blend of complementary forms of that extract helps your body get the most out of every capsule.

It's a great choice for prostate health and bladder support because it contains a full array of nourishing compounds such as amino acids, antioxidants, phytosterols, fatty acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamins, and enzymes.

Research studies have helped to tell the story of what Rye Pollen Extract is capable of when used as a prostate health supplement for men:


  • 90% of men given Graminex® G63experienced noticeable support for healthy prostate tissue and function.1
  • 69% of men noticed increased support for urinary wellness after taking Rye Pollen Extract. 2
  • A meta-analysis of 13 double blind and open label studies remarked on Graminex's® potential to "improve quality of life" for men with an enlarged prostate.3


1 Yokoyama, H. et al. 2005. Findings on Prostatitis through the “Pollen Extract G63” of Graminex Company. Kanda New Medical Clinic.

2 R. Yasumoto et al. “Clinical Evaluation of Long-Term Treatment Using Cernilton Pollen Extract in Patients with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.” Clinical Therapeutics, 17 (1995):82-6.

3 Chambliss, W.. “A Critical Review of Graminex Flower pollen extract for Symptomatic Relief Of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms ( LUTS ) in Men.” (2010).

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Real Results & Reviews

Real Results & Reviews

“The Prosta-Rye supplement appears to have had a positive effect on decreasing the number of times I went to the restroom everyday! I will continue to take this product. Thanks for the good results.”

- Bobby (Verified Buyer)

Only prostate capsule that works. I have tried many products to stop having to get up all night to urinate. Many promises to work but do not. Prosta-Rye is the only one that works, only causing me to get up once a night!”

- Melvin (Verified Buyer)

“I use Prosta-Rye every night so I don't have to make as many trips to the bathroom. I like how the capsules are small and easy to take.”

- Joe (Verified Buyer)