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Imagine for a moment the height of ancient China's imperial glory. You're standing in the Forbidden City - 179 acres of gardens and palaces. This is a view of splendor that few are privileged to see.
From here, China's "god-kings" rule their vast empire. And within the walls of the Forbidden Palace - guarded by an army of eunuchs - live the Emperor's wives and concubines - as many as 20,000 of them.
You see, China's emperors are more than mere men. As the Sons of Heaven, they're considered the embodiment of yang - the male force. And as the living yang, they need a great deal of yin - femininity - as a balance. So the emperors are expected to make many, many women happy - and to produce plenty of offspring.
To maintain their virility - and thus their political power - the emperors often turn to herbalists. And for 2,000 years, their secret preparations have kept the emperors on the throne... and China at the pinnacle of world power.
Western medicine is just beginning to unlock the secrets that kept China's emperors young and vital. And now, the secrets that helped China's god-kings please multitudes of women are finally available to you. At last, you can rediscover the "old" you... and reclaim the sexual powers of your younger days.

Feel - and Perform -
Like a Much Younger MAN

The Chinese traditionally honor age as a sign of wisdom. But to the Emperor's enemies, age was also a sign of weakness. So China's god-kings paid their doctors well to maintain their youth. And, to your benefit, they often got their money's worth.
Imagine having a "magical" elixir that promotes muscle growth, improves your sexual performance and even fights the effects of aging. Well, that's what The World Journal of Gastroenterology says about extract of male silk moth.1, 2
At one time, only China's royalty enjoyed the benefits of this rare performance-enhancer. But now you can, too.
And that's just the beginning.
For example, you may not have heard of Himalayan teasel root. But this exotic plant offers tremendous benefits.
The ancient Chinese used teasel root to enhance a man's performance. One formula was said to enable men to enjoy intercourse 10 times in a row without rest. In fact, a nobleman named Ts'ao is said to have "pleasured" 70 women in one night thanks to this formula!3
Now, you'll probably never have to please Duke Ts'ao's 70 women in one night - or even perform 10 times - but imagine your partner's reaction if you could easily bring her to ecstasy just three or four times...
Do you like that idea? Well, it gets better. Imagine having access to an herb that acts just like testosterone - the "male" hormone.

The Amazing Plant That Boosts Your Manpower

When it comes to manliness, nothing proves it like testosterone. Unless, of course, you're as clever as the emperors' herbal doctors. Thousands of years ahead of Western medicine, they discovered the world's first "artificial testosterone."
We know that many plants mimic the female hormone, estrogen. We call them "phytoestrogens." But Chinese herbalists pumped up their emperors with a plant that acts like testosterone in your body. It's called Eucommia, and researchers at the National University of Singapore have confirmed it's the first known phytoandrogen.4


It's no wonder Chinese royalty prized Eucommia so much. Imagine being able to boost your sex appeal - and prowess - with just a pinch of powder!
But Eucommia isn't the only way Chinese doctors boosted their emperors' youthfulness and performance. For centuries, they've been prescribing velvet - the tender covering that nourishes growing deer antlers.
Does that sound a little odd? Well, Canadian researchers gave velvet antler extract to police recruits and university athletes. Their testosterone levels shot up by 500% - 600%. One researcher wrote the reaction was like giving them steroids!5
That's the performance part... now check out youthfulness. Recent animal and lab studies from Canada and China show that velvet extract can do amazing things. Researchers discovered it helps rebuild nerve tissue6, protects the liver7, and can ease joint pain.8
It's almost as if antler velvet can put your aging clock into reverse. Imagine how the new "younger" you could perform with that kind of anti-aging support!
So how do you get all these benefits? Benefits once reserved exclusively for China's royalty? I'm glad you asked...

The Emperors' Best-Kept Performance Secrets
All in One Package

We've known about some herbs' sexual powers for a long time. Take panax ginseng, for example. Study after study has proven it increases libido and enhances performance.10
But some of China's most potent secrets have remained hidden from the West. And for the handful of people in the know, they've been hard to find.
Until now, that is. Because Best Life Herbals brings all of the ancient Emperors' most powerful secrets together into one complete package: 15 Dragons.
These are secrets that can really boost your performance. Like increasing your energy and physical endurance. According to a study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, that's exactly what Lycium does.11 And Lycium helps put you "in the mood," too. In animal studies, Chinese researchers showed it promotes more and better sex.12

To make sure you're in the mood more often, there's China's exotic "five flavors berry," schisandra. Swedish scientists say schisandra fights stress and fatigue.13 And just to give you that extra performance edge, it improves circulation, too.14

With all these performance boosters at their command, is it any wonder China's emperors were considered superhuman? They can do the same for you. And we've barely scratched the surface of 15 Dragon's potent combination.

You Get the Best of the Old and the New...That's An Advantage Even the Emperors Didn't Have

There's no doubt China's emperors were powerful. And with their performance boosters, they were legendary in the bedroom, too. But as good as their doctors were, they can't match modern science.

With 15 Dragons, you get the best of the ancient emperors' sex-boosters. Plus you get the advantage of modern discoveries that can push your pleasure and performance to new heights.


For instance, take the amino acid GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). When researchers at the University of Alberta tested GABA in animals, it boosted production of a primary sex hormone - gonadotropin-II - within 30 minutes.15 And you probably remember how these hormones made you feel back in high school...
You can bet the emperors would be jealous of the triple-boost you get from another amino acid in 15 Dragons. L-arginine doesn't just boost your capacity for sex... it can increase your performance, too.

Studies show L-arginine increases blood flow16 and relaxes the muscles of the penis17,allowing the blood to do its job more effectively. And here's a bonus: Japanese researchers discovered that L-aginine can increase your ability to exercise.18 So this modern marvel could make you a better performer in every way.
That's a lovemaking secret that China's ancient emperors couldn't have purchased for... well, for all the tea in China. But it's just one of the 15 proven performance-enhancers in 15 Dragons.
It would take a book to explain all the ways these potent sex-boosters work to improve your love life. In fact, the emperors' doctors wrote a number of books on several of them. And I simply don't have that kind of space here.
But before I tell you how to get your hands on 15 Dragons, there's one more benefit I'd like to mention...


As you probably know, low levels of testosterone are directly linked to poor sexual performance.19
For centuries, Chinese herbalists have used the seed of semen cuscutae to strengthen yang - the masculine principle. And you can bet this was probably one of the first herbs they reached for when the Emperor was feeling run down.
To boost your performance, it's one of the first you should turn to, as well. You see, a study at Shantou University School of Medicine revealed that semen cuscutae increases testosterone levels in two ways.
When researchers gave semen cuscutae seed to animals, it boosted their testosterone production. But it also boosted production of another hormone - called luteinizing hormone.20 And do you know what luteinizing hormone does? Amongst other things, it boosts testosterone production.
So, taking semen cuscutae seed is like getting a "double-shot" of testosterone - the primary male hormone. No wonder China's Emperors were star performers!
And now you can be, too... thanks to 15 Dragons.

Even if You Can't Afford to
Live Like an Emperor...
You Can Perform Like One

The ingredients in 15 Dragons work together to enhance your performance from every angle. They help you...

          • Build desire, so you'll be in the mood more often
          • Improve erections by increasing blood flow and relaxing smooth muscle
          • Increase your stamina and endurance, so you stay "strong to the finish"
          • Ramp up hormone production for greater performance

            Even China's emperors didn't have all the potent performance enhancers you'll enjoy with 15 Dragons.

            And you don't have to pay a king's ransom to enjoy the power of 15 Dragons, either. In fact, you won't gamble a single cent. That's because Best Life Herbals guarantees your 100% satisfaction - or they'll refund the purchase price, no questions asked.

            In fact, they're so sure you'll love what 15 Dragons does for your performance, you can take a full year to make up your mind. Simply return the unused portion - or even the empty bottles - if you're not thrilled with 15 Dragons. It may seem odd to call something that's been around for centuries a "breakthrough"... but I'm convinced that's exactly how you'll feel when you try 15 Dragons. These ancient Chinese secrets - hidden from the West for countless generations - can transform your love life.
If you're ready to go from "dud" to "stud" - or if you just need that little extra boost to amaze your partner - you have to try 15 Dragons. And now it's no gamble... because Best Life Herbals is putting their money where their mouth is with their full 12-month satisfaction guarantee.
These secrets made China's royal "Sons of Heaven" the sexual envy of men around the world. Now they're available to do the same for you in Best Life Herbal's 15 Dragons. So what are you waiting for? Your adventure starts today.

Yours in good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

P.S. Still not convinced you should try 15 Dragons? Remember: You have nothing to lose. If you're not fully satisfied with your results - for any reason - you can return the unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price.

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