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Start Living Life on Your Terms... Not Your Prostate’s

Join the thousands of men getting their confidence back with Prosta-Rye.

Two powerful ingredients. One amazing formula. Prosta-Rye gives you a simple, comprehensive approach to prostate and urinary support that nourishes cells and tissue with the nutrients they need. Forget about trips back and forth to the bathroom, struggles in the bedroom, and waking up throughout the night. Remember what it feels like to be the man you want to be with Prosta-Rye.

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We Source Only the Finest Key Natural Ingredients

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All Products Crafted and Manufactured in the USA

Follows FDA-Approved “Good Manufacturing Practices”

Our Proprietary, Industry-Leading FIT Testing Methodology

The Finest Natural, Plant-Based Supplement

The Finest Natural, Plant-Based Supplement

Graminex® G63

Rye Flower Pollen Extract

The real “magic” of how rye promotes strong prostate health is actually just science. This special extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytosterols, and a host of other natural compounds that support and protect on the cellular level. What makes Graminex® G63™ the ultimate rye flower pollen extract is it’s solventless extraction process, and the All-American rye it’s made from. Here’s what the studies say:


  • Graminex® G63has been shown in placebo controlled trials and open label studies to help support healthier prostate function.1,2
  • Between 85-92% of men studied saw support for healthy urinary function, as well. 3,4
  • 9 out of 10 men also enjoyed improved sexual wellness and healthier erectile function.4

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Real Results & Reviews

Real Results & Reviews

““I would highly recommend this product to all is a real pleasure to find a product as good as this that actually works and a company such as Best Life Herbals that cares about the well-being of their customers.....cheers!”.”

- Kerry (Verified Buyer)

“Prosta-Rye, it simply works for me where no other product does. I have tried most other products all without success. I take one small tablet every night and the jobs done. I have been using Prosta-Rye since 2011.”

- Ray (Verified Buyer)

“The best product in the market for prostate care. I have been using this product for many years, and will keep using”

- Wilfredo (Verified Buyer)