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P500X Stands in A Class of Its Own!  

P500X Stands
In a Class
of Its Own!

It’s time for prostate support that’s bigger, better and stronger It’s time for P500X.

P500X is here to rescue you from your prostate problems. This supplement is loaded with an industry-leading 500 mg of Graminex® G63™. Graminex® is the only flower pollen extract that gives you a full spectrum of prostate nourishing nutrients without the use of solvents. P500X is the only prostate supplement that packs this kind of punch!

  • Sleep restfully through the night.
  • Relax more and worry less.
  • Feel like your old self in the bedroom. 

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We Source Only the Finest Key Natural Ingredients

12-Month Money Back Guarantee

All Products Crafted and Manufactured in the USA

Follows FDA-Approved “Good Manufacturing Practices”

Our Proprietary, Industry-Leading FIT Testing Methodology

The Ultimate Results…

The Ultimate Results...

It's one thing to know that you're getting a full 500 mg of an ingredient that's made to the highest standards of purity, quality, and care. It's another to know what it's capable of, according to real world research studies:


  • STUDY 1: 9 Out of 10 Men Reported Improvements1  — The results were nothing short of impressive! 90% of men saw improvement in their score, and that's with 125 mg less Graminex® G63® than each serving of P500X contains.
  • STUDY 2: Nearly 2,000 Men Enjoyed Major Support2 — After that year was up, the data spoke for itself. Not only was the rye well-tolerated by 99% of participants, it made a measurable difference in promoting strong prostate and urinary health in over 90% of the men studied!
  • STUDY 3: Incredible Conclusions From A Comprehensive Review3 — Dr. William Chambliss, the University of Mississippi pharmaceutics professor who conducted this meta-analysis, had a very positive conclusion to make based on the extensive findings he examined. After remarking on rye's continued record of success in supporting better prostate and urinary health, he notes its power at improving quality of life!”

1Yokoyama, H. et al. 2005. Findings on Prostatitis through the “Pollen Extract G63” of Graminex Company. Kanda New Medical Clinic.

2 Ebeling, L.. "Possibilities and Limitations of Phytotherapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ( BPH )." (2012).

3 Preuss, Harry & Bagchi, Debasis & Chambliss, Walter. (2003). A Critical Review of Cernitin™ for Symptomatic Relief Of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) in Men. Research Communications in Pharmacology and Toxicology. 8.

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Real Results & Reviews

Real Results & Reviews

“I'm sleeping through the night again! I have been pleasantly amazed with the new P500X. I used to wake up multiple times through the night, but I noticed fewer trips to the bathroom.

- Louis (Verified Buyer)

P500X has an amazing formula. I've noticed a stronger urine stream and no longer getting up late at night to run to the restroom.”

- Melvin (Verified Buyer)

“This product definitely works! I have seen results from day 1 of taking P500X. I hope it continues.”

- Jim (Verified Buyer)