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Celebrating 17 Years of
Evolution with a Revolutionary
New Experience

Advanced Aesthetics.
Enhanced Experience.
Same World-Class Products.

Best Life Herbals New Look
The Best is Yet to Come

A New Experience Designed to Exceed Expectations

After 17 years, we’re so excited to be taking you and every member of the Best Life Herbals family on the next stage of our journey.

Our mission has always been to craft the best supplements, use the best ingredients, provide the best experience, and help you live your best life. Over the years we have found that there is no silver bullet or one-size fits all approach to any particular health issue or wellness initiative.

As a result, we have developed the philosophy that “Everybody is different, and every body is different.” This has driven us to craft a variety of natural formulas for the same health issue in order to empower you to choose the best supplements for your personal preferences, body type, and needs. Our vision is to provide tailored, safe, effective, and responsibly-sourced natural wellness supplements for the betterment of people and planet.

Some things aren’t going to change - the high-quality natural supplements, caring customer support, and passion for all things wellness you’ve come to love and expect from us are staying put. Other things, like a fresh logo, beautiful new bottles and packaging, and a re-imagined cross-channel customer experience are our way of bringing an even better Best Life Herbals to life.

Ultimately, our rebrand is all about you. Our goal is to empower you to make more informed decisions about your wellness to help you live your best life.

Our Logo

The Best Life Herbals logo has always represented quality and trust, and it always will. Our refreshed logo signifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of new, exciting developments in the wellness world while still championing the same values that have driven us since day one.

Upgraded Bottles and Labels

Best Life Herbals - Bottle designs Best Life Herbals - Bottle Design

The premium Best Life Herbals supplements you’ve come to know and love will now come in gorgeous new bottles you’ll love even more! We’ve upgraded the bottles, and designed new labels that tell you everything you need to know about your supplements clearly and concisely. A more uniform look connects all of our natural supplements together, while bright individual colors make it easy for you to organize all of your Best Life Herbals products.

As we move forward into the next stage of our brand journey, you may receive products that still use our legacy packaging. Don’t worry, you’ll always be getting the same fresh, high-quality products, regardless of which bottles they come in.

new BLH Packaging

Premium Packaging

new BLH Packaging

Our new packaging is a definitive example our commitment to delivering the world’s best customer experience. You get improved packaging without having to spend an extra penny. The new packaging will ensure you get our premium products delivered in perfect condition every time you order.

Content & Support to Help You Thrive

You may have noticed that we are more active than ever with our educational content and social media presence. In order to help you thrive and live your best life, we are providing you with the best information in health and wellness.

Be sure to check out our informative blogs, authoritative guides, and connect with us on social media to get your daily dose of wellness education, inspiration, and exclusive contests and deals.

Best Life Herbals New Look


We know you may have some questions, so let’s break down everything you might be wondering about our new branding.

Simply put, we wanted our brand to truly represent our premium approach to total personal wellness, while providing an even better experience for our wellness family. To be your best, you have to look your best!

Nope! The same passionate team is still behind the care and support you’ve come to expect from us.

No, our new bottles and labels have no bearing on the ingredients in your favorite supplements, which are always manufactured to rigorous quality standards. We’re also continuing to stay on the cutting edge of wellness to offer exciting new products in the future!

Absolutely not. While you may receive products with legacy packaging as we complete our rebranding, you’ll be getting the exact same fresh, high quality supplements you’re used to.

No. We’re very excited about our new translucent brown bottles, but would never sacrifice quality for appearance in any way. The new bottles will keep your products just as fresh as before.

No, while we’ve improved the look and feel of our site, you can login with the same username and password.

Absolutely! In fact, we’re posting more great content than ever in our Health Blogs and Education sections.