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A Natural Answer for Your
Digestion Problems That Works

If you have heartburn… a “delicate” stomach… irregularity… or any other digestive issue, you’re in good company. Up to 70 million Americans suffer with digestion problems.

The saddest truth about all this suffering: Natural relief has been available for centuries.

In the next few minutes, I’ll reveal how to deal with most common digestive problems. Simply. Naturally. And safely.

If you suffer with anything from occasional indigestion to chronic irregularity, here’s your chance to enjoy mealtime again. To rid yourself of the pain, the frustration, the life-limiting issues of digestive problems.

All thanks to the safe, natural – and remarkably effective – ingredients in Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

The Secret Power of Wheatgrass


Wheat is one of the world’s most common foods. But we grow it as a grain. The grain is mostly starch – complex sugars that provide minimal nutrition after processing.

Wheat skyrockets blood sugar and promotes obesity. We process most of the goodness out of our grains. So wheat does little more than provide calories.

Then there’s the “other” wheat. The young wheat plant is a powerhouse of nutrition and good health. Young wheat grass is as full of nutrition as processed white flour is devoid of it.

Wheat grass is wheat before it becomes a grain. The young wheat plant is a source of tremendous nutrition – including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, and other nutrients that promote good health.

According to Israeli scientists, wheat grass may help ease some joint problems. It can also improve blood health… blunt the effects of high blood sugar… fight free radical damage… counter weight gain… and calm digestive problems in the large intestine and colon.1

Researchers at India’s Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research claim wheat grass promotes immune system health. They also say it helps ease systemic irritation… kills bacteria… and fights free radical damage. Plus, it supports kidney and blood vessel health… and can help ease colon problems.

In fact, they’ve found just 3-1/2 ounces of wheat grass powder pack the nutritional power of 50 pounds of fresh vegetables!2

Wheat grass delivers more than just vitamins and minerals. Modern research shows this ancient food also provides meaningful amounts of amino acids (protein) and enzymes.3 Enzymes that may boost digestion.

Studies show wheat grass can improve digestion in many ways. For example, doctors tested wheat grass juice on volunteers with “angry” colons.

These volunteers’ colons were sore, tender, and prone to bleeding. Then they took either wheat grass or a placebo for a month. At the end of the study the wheat grass group had made significant gains. The placebo group hadn’t.4

With its nutritional content, digestive advantages, and soothing action, wheat grass is an obvious plus for digestive issues.

But it’s only a start for Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

The Most Potent Digestive Aid
You’ve Never Heard Of

Achyranthes bidentata is a staple of Eastern herbal lore. For centuries, herbologists in China and Nepal have used this herb for digestive problems. Along with scores of other complaints.

Modern research shows A. bidentata may have many uses – including for easing digestion.

A 2007 study showed A. bidentata is active against a wide range of bacteria. Including E. coli and other bacteria that can throw digestive health out of balance.5

In 2002, researchers in India found this ancient herb has anti-convulsive properties.6 This may offer help to those who suffer with colon issues.

Animal studies also suggest A. bidentata has anti-obesity effects.

In these studies, the herb blocked the formation of new fat cells. Which can help slow weight gain. The studies also showed A. bidentata helps block free radicals from oxidizing fat cells.7

Plus, A. bidentata is safe. Countless generations have used its seeds to make bread when cereal grains have been in short supply. And the leaves are commonly eaten as a vegetable.

All of this makes A. bidentata a multi-purpose digestive aid… with a long history of safety and effectiveness.

But Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula delivers far more than these two digestive champs.

Remarkable Relief From Humble Herbs

The idea behind Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula is simple. We sought to bring you an all-round digestive aid that was natural… safe… and proven. The sort of home remedy your grandparents would have been comfortable with.

But backed by the latest science.

For example, you may have grown up with licorice candy. But your grandparents probably grew up knowing this herb as a health-booster.

And they were right. Licorice has many healthy uses.

A 2017 study in the Journal of Dietary Supplements looked at licorice and digestion. The researchers were interested in licorice, because it has antioxidant properties. Plus, it helps calm upset stomach… and discourages H. pylori. This bacteria is linked to severe digestive issues.

In this study, they looked at how licorice extract affects key digestive enzymes and the probiotic bacteria in your gut.

They found licorice extracts are compatible with both enzymes and probiotics.8 In other words, licorice helps calm digestive issues without creating new ones. Plus, centuries of use demonstrate its safety.

German scientists showed how licorice extracts beat H. pylori. In their studies, licorice kept these nasty bacteria from “grabbing” onto the lining of the digestive tract.9

This property is called “anti-adhesion.” Licorice doesn’t kill H. pylori… it simply shows it the door. If the bacteria can’t get a foothold in your digestive tract, they can’t make you sick.

Licorice is a prime example of age-old wisdom combined with modern science. And it’s not the only one you’ll find in Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

Designed to “Keep You Moving”

So far, we’ve seen wheat grass provides enzymes that aid digestion… chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier… and a remarkable nutritional punch. It also seems to calm some digestive troubles – especially in the colon.

Bidentata is an age-old digestive aid known to fight a host of bacterial invaders. It also has a calming effect on convulsions. This may help calm the muscles that control your colon.

And licorice calms upset stomach while helping you get rid of bacteria that can cause digestive problems.

But we wanted Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula to address as many digestive issues as possible. So we took it even further.

For example, we included both psyllium and prune to help keep your system running smoothly.

I’m sure we don’t have to tell you about the misery of a “back up.” When you just can’t seem to go, even though you know you have to. That’s why we added two of Nature’s most potent – yet gentle – “persuaders.”

Doctors at Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine compared the effects of prunes to psyllium. 40 volunteers with constipation problems took either prunes or psyllium. Both led to more and more regular bowel movements… less straining… and greater overall comfort.

While the researchers rated prunes as slightly better, they found both were effective.10 Which is one reason we decided to include both in Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

And just to give your system a little “kick start,” we included senna and cascara sagrada – traditional “boosters” that help get your system moving.

Last, but not least, we’ve included an herb you probably think of as a sleep aid. But it’s great for digestion trouble, too.

Beating the Stress That Wrecks Your Digestion

Chamomile is a famous sleep aid. There’s a good chance your grandmother took a cup of chamomile tea before bed when she couldn’t sleep. Her grandmother’s grandmother probably used it, too.

One of the ways chamomile works is to defuse stress. It calms and relaxes, which can have a profound effect on digestion.

You may have felt “burps” that led to acid washing back up into your throat. It’s a common problem. And one scientist recognize is linked to stress.

Chamomile helps ease an upset stomach. But it also eases stress. And that’s the property that may make it so effective in fighting the backup of acid into your throat.

In a 2015 study, people with this acid problem said stress consistently made the problem worse. In fact, stress was the top cause of flare-ups.11

Because chamomile promotes calm and relaxation, it can help ease the stress that leads to more of these annoying – and painful – episodes.

Studies also show chamomile can help calm an overactive bowel and other digestive issues. And when your stomach acts up less, you can really sleep better.

There’s just one other thing you should know about Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

There Really Is a Doctor Jeffrey

There’s no Betty Crocker. Famous Swiss archer William Tell is a myth. But there really is a Doctor Jeffrey.

Dr. Jeffrey Greiff is a board-certified physician with years of medical experience. He focuses on combining the best of natural medicine with the latest science. We worked closely with him to formulate Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula.

The result is our most effective digestion formula ever. Simple, safe, and natural.

In fact, we guarantee you’ll love Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula or we’ll buy it back. Even up to a full year from your order date.

That’s another old-fashioned value we agree with Dr. Jeffrey on: Delivering on our promises. Which is why we invite you to try Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula with absolutely no risk.

If you miss your favorite foods. If you suffer with an aching stomach, heartburn, gas, bloating, or irregularity… you owe it to yourself to discover powerful, natural relief.

Why not try Dr. Jeffrey’s Trouble-Free Digestion Formula today… and start enjoying food – and your life – again?

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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