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You’ve Been Living in the Dark for too Long!

Despite what you might have heard recently, daily moderate sun exposure really is good for you.

But thanks to an on-going campaign by irresponsible media outlets and a few major sunscreen manufactures most Americans either avoid the sun all together. Or they cover themselves from head to toe in potentially dangerous chemicals, more commonly known as sunscreen.
Now of course everyone agrees that too much sun (or too much of anything for that matter) can be harmful. But personally, I think this whole anti-sun campaign has gotten way out of hand.

And the end result of all this negative press is millions of Americans are walking around right now with severe vitamin D deficiencies.

Actually – vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight (not nutritional deficiencies) is the most common vitamin deficiency plaguing the U.S. right now.

It’s currently estimated that over 85% of the U.S. population has less than optimum levels – which opens the door to a number of very serious health risks.

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Until very recently everyone thought a vitamin D deficiency was no big deal – except in the most extreme cases like those resulting in rickets (a serious degenerative bone disease).

I’ve come to find out vitamin D is a vital element used by every single cell in our body. Among other things it plays a key roll in helping to ward off osteoporosis. And even a minor deficiency can increase your risk of contracting some very serious medical conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and other life threatening illnesses.

Experts estimate that we need about 1,000 units of vitamin D per day to run at maximum efficiency – and it’s next to impossible to get that much vitamin D from the foods you eat. Especially if you eat the “typical” American diet.

Your alternatives would be to either consume enormous amounts of vitamin D supplements – or a more natural option like getting a little sun exposure (roughly 15 minutes) every day would give you the same benefit.

For me though sunlight is the way to go – it’s a much faster, more visually appealing (everybody loves a tan) and cheaper than taking massive amounts of Vitamin D supplements.

Not to mention spending a little time in the sun just plain feels good – and it’s one of the quickest most natural ways I can think of to recharge your batteries and improve your mood.

But what would the sunscreen manufacturers say…Forget them!

I think you may be surprised to know that it’s next to impossible to get all the nutrients you need just from the foods you eat. Most of what we eat is processed – frozen and preserved, stripping all the essential nutrients rich vitamins and minerals right out of it.

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They’ve completely turned a blind eye to the fact that melanomas (lethal skin cancers) are not caused by excess exposure to the sun – but are actually a result of an unbalanced ratio of Omega – 6 to Omega – 3 fats in your body.

All in the name of making a quick dollar! Because there’s just no escaping the fact that moderate exposure to the sun is good for you. And if you sit back and think about it for a minute it actually makes complete sense.

In years gone by we were born into the sun. And our bodies were designed accordingly – so common sense dictates that if you don’t give your body what it needs…then your health will suffer.

So enjoy the sun! Don’t be afraid to take your shirt off while you’re washing your car or mowing the lawn — and instead of coating yourself with chemical based sunscreens when you’re at the pool or the beach, try moderation instead.

You’ll be happier, healthier and you’ll look better too. And this is the perfect time of year to add a little color to that pale skin or to balance out those tan lines – so grab your Speedo and enjoy!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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