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Your Sex Life or Death

More bad news guys…a recent study published in a British medical Journal uncovered that using your cell phone could be killing your sex drive by reducing the amount of sex hormones your body releases into your blood stream.

According to a study conducted by two Ukrainian scientists, rats exposed to low levels of radiation, like those emitted by cellular phones, had much less testosterone in their blood stream than rats that were not exposed.
And the higher the dose of radiation received, the less testosterone their bodies released, resulting in a weaker sex drive and a drop in sexual activity.

The researchers also noted that the radiation that had the greatest effect on the sex hormones came from pulsed microwave radiation; the same radiation released by many of today’s popular cell phones.

After reading the report I have to admit I was a little bummed out. But it did get me to thinking, if something as insignificant as our cell phones are killing our sex drive, than what else is out there that could be killing our libidos.

So I did some research (after I threw out my cell phone) and compiled a list of little known libido killers. Some of them might surprise you, take a look:

1) Drugs Are Bad:

Every time I compile a list of what’s messing us up, prescription meds are always right at the top – and today is no different. Antidepressants in particular are notorious libido killers.

Certain chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine and oxycontin stimulate sexual activity – while others like serotonin have an inhibitory affect. And, many anti-depressants raise the serotonin levels in the blood stream, effectively depressing your libido.

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Other known offenders are prescription blood pressure lowering drugs and most prostate medications. Both can interfere with the body’s nerve signals leaving you with a substantially lowered sex drive. So, if you suspect the medications you’re taking are leaving you at half mast – talk to your doctor about the possible natural alternatives.

2) Don’t Be Sad:

Depression – characterized by feelings of sadness, emptiness, dread and worthlessness can interfere with just about every aspect of your everyday life. It can make it difficult, if not impossible to eat, sleep work and can leave you with a complete lack of interest in sex all together.

If you think you might be suffering from clinical depression, talk to a trained health care professional. Depression is highly treatable over time without the need for drugs or surgery.

3) You Are What You Eat:

I think I say it in every issue, but it’s so true! Your diet plays a huge role in your overall happiness and wellbeing. And your sex life is no different – remember your body is a machine, and the ladies prefer driving around in high performance models!!

So fill your tank with the freshest fruits and veggies and the leanest cuts of meat and fish. Because a healthy diet is one of the surest ways to a healthy robust sex life there is.

And on top of that, poor body image and low self esteem can be a huge turn off too. If you want to be a lean, mean sex machine, you’re going to have to eat a high performance diet like your cave man ancestors. Eat to live, not the other way around.

4) Take Good Care:

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, without your health you’ve got nothing. And it’s even truer where your sex life is concerned. Health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and certain autoimmune disorders can all wreak havoc on your libido.

They kill your appetite for sex by disrupting your blood flow, nerve signals and can even unbalance your flow of sex hormones. So take good care of yourself – all of the conditions mentioned above can be prevented, even most types of diabetes. You just have to keep making smart healthy choices.

5) Highly Toxic:

If we don’t rid our bodies of the toxins that accumulate inside us, then they can build up causing everything from zits and bad breath to a weak sex drive. On the other hand, if you can rid your body of these harmful toxins you can revitalize yourself almost overnight.

Just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water – at least 8 glasses a day, and getting plenty of antioxidant rich foods like green tea and fresh fruits and veggies.

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6) Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Stress is one of life’s major love busters. If you’re stressed about paying the bills, a tight deadline at work or that girl that broke your heart two years ago, all feelings of sexual vigor fly right out the window. When stress strikes it causes your body to release more cortisol and that inhibits the sex hormone testosterone – and by-by goes your sex drive.

The best way around this in my opinion is to cut yourself some slack. Worrying never solved anything anyhow – so forget about the bills and that deadline at work and let yourself enjoy some of life simplest pleasures.

Besides, sex is just what the doctor ordered to put the bounce back in your step and to push your productivity right through the roof.

7) No Smoking:

Men that don’t smoke report a much higher rate of satisfaction in their sex lives than their smoking counterparts. Smokers not only have lower sex drives and less frequent sex-capades, but they also suffer from a lower quality of sperm.

Semen analysis revealed that non smokers have superior sperm than smokers in both sperm viability and longevity. So please don’t smoke – it can kill a lot more than just your sex life!

8) Buy a Car:

Riding your bike to work may be great exercise, but if you’re a man it could be killing your sex life. Doctors have found that sitting on bicycle seats puts undue stress on the scrotum which not only affects your libido, but it also kills your ability to achieve a quality erection.

But if you have to ride, you can save your manhood by using one of those old fashioned super padded bike seats. They allow you to put the bulk of your weight on your butt instead of the delicate nerves leading to your scrotum.

9) Boring:

Last but certainly not least is one of the principal sex life assassins that we all have to face at one time or another – that same old boring sex routine. Even sex can get stale over time – the novelty of a new relationship just can’t be sustained forever.

So spice things up from time to time. Buy your wife some sex lingerie or a blonde wig, and if you’re really serious about making a change, they have some great deals on breast implants these days.

A good friend of mine said it’s by far the best six grand he’s ever spent. And seeing those two together I believe him. They’re like kids again!

It’s been my experience that women love to please their man –and if you just step up to the plate like a real man and ask for what you want, more times than not you’ll get it. You’d be surprised what women will do to keep their cave man happy.

But the ball’s in your court – you have all the tools you ever need to have a full, rewarding sex life; you just have to take action.

And if your wife gets mad when you bring up sex again and again, just remind her that variety is the spice of life – and then you might duck, just in case.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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