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Trathelon Update

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* You Used to Have to Climb a Mountain to Have Sex This Good!

* Living Life from Start to Finish


“Winning isn’t always finishing first. Sometime winning is just finishing.”

–Manuel Diotte

You Used to Have to Climb a Mountain to Have Sex This Good!

-Louis Hart

Tell you the truth, even if you still did it would be well worth the long climb.

Because the hidden sexual power packed inside this one tiny root vegetable that only grows on the highest peaks in South America could very well change the way you think about sex after 60.

And if you’ve never heard the name Maca before today, man you have really been missing out.

Maca is a root vegetable that grows high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. And over the last 500 years it’s become a prized staple of the Peruvian diet.

Cherished for a slew of life enhancing benefits – but primarily for its ability to increase overall energy levels, endurance and sexual performance and desire in men.

In Peru this radish like vegetable has become a symbol of power and virility to its people – and for very good reason. Maca enhances both sexual function and increases the desire for sex.

But in Peru it’s consume by both men and women alike because of its amazing ability to enhance both physical and mental energy levels.

And as if that wasn’t enough, new scientific research into this amazing plant has revealed that it’s also overflowing with beneficial amino acids, photo nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Some researchers believe it might be the most beneficial health supplement on the planet.

Unleash Your Aztec Warrior:

Legend has it that at the height of the Incan Empire priests would give Maca to young warriors before battle to make them invincible.

As the story goes they’d chew on the root and it would work them into such a battle frenzy they couldn’t even stand still. The warriors would bounce around in a big circle of spears and clubs for an hour or so, and then run 15 miles to the next village and kill every man in sight.

And after all the men were dead they’d rape all their women, and in some cases even their livestock until the effects of the Maca wore off.

This stuff was so effective that in between battles soldiers were prohibited from eating Maca to protect the women of the tribe.

And keep in mind in cultures like this it’s not uncommon for a man 50 years or older to have multiple wives, some as young as teenagers. Haven’t you ever wonder what’s keeping those guys going?

Try it for yourself and see.

Stay Healthy!



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Living Life from Start to Finish

-Doc Darville

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to start training for my upcoming triathlon – cause today my dog’s are really barking.

But hey, I’m having fun and that’s all that really matters right?

I’ve discovered over the last few months that training for a triathlon is like no other sport in the world – which could explain why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world (for both men and women).

And with the summer Olympics right around the corner I expect another huge surge in popularity over the next few weeks as it moves from the pages of fitness magazines onto prime time television.

You see the great thing about this sport is it’s a personal journey – a competition that pits you against yourself.

Because at the end of the day it’s completely up to you whether you cross that finish line or succumb to that little voice in your head that keeps telling you “you’re tired” – “let’s hit the showers”.

I’m sure he talks to you from time to time too – he’s the one that keeps telling you there’s no time to exercise today.

He’s the same guy that always trying to talk you into staying home and ordering pizza – and he’s also the guy that’s convinced you that you could never run a triathlon at you age.

Basically he’s the guy that doesn’t want you to have any fun. He’d rather stay home and watch T.V than enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.

The same jerk that tries to convince you to fall asleep in front of the T.V instead of enjoying a night of vigorous marathon love making.

But if you’ve taken anything away from reading my daily rants these last couple years I hope it’s this one little piece of advice…He’s Dead Wrong!

So, what motivates you? Are you looking to sculpt your body into that perfect swim suit physique?

Are you looking to rev up your metabolism so you can eat more of the comfort foods you love so dearly and refuse to give up?

Or maybe you’re driven by sex and you want to ensure yourself a lifetime of vim and vigor.

Because that’s one question you’re really going to have to ask yourself if you’re ever going to make a serious meaningful change in your life.

Born Again:

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If you would have told me 7 years ago that by this time next year I would be competing in my very first mini-triathlon I would have died laughing – literally!

But that was then and this is now – since then I’ve given my attitude about life a complete over haul and I FINALLY realize there’s isn’t anything I can’t accomplish.

What’s probably the biggest surprise though is I’m enjoying doing it – I can honestly say I love pushing myself and testing my limits.

A lot of it’s mental too – along with the physical training I have to endure I also have to find time to study more and more about nutrition and different training methods in order to compete at the level I know I’m capable of.

Training for this triathlon is totally different than anything I’ve ever done before so I really have to push myself both physically and mentally.

And to ensure I can keep up with the big boys and make a good showing in my upcoming race I’ve even had to stretch my pocket book a bit too.

I finally had my friend Christian over at the Triathlon Shop build a custom road bike for me – and trust me these baby’s aren’t cheap.

There’s a big difference between riding a mountain bike and riding a road bike. Yes they each have two wheels, brakes, handle bars and a seat but they’re still worlds apart.

I’m going to have to have all my bases covered if I plan on winning this thing –

Hell even if I just plan on just finishing in a respectable amount of time.

Actually, I’ll be happy as long as I don’t finish last. My goal has never really been to win – just to finish the fight. In the sport of triathlon if you don’t they call it DNF (Did Not Finish), and I’m no DNF’r!!

I WILL Finish:

My former training, both physical and mental has helped me get to a point where right now I’m more doing what is called brick training.

That’s when you train in any two of the three legs of the triathlon on the same day. And like I said before, when you put any two of them together you begin to realize just how tough this thing can get.

And along with all the training I’m doing for my upcoming race I still always start my day with stretching and body weight exercises to maintain overall optimum health and fitness levels.

But like I said earlier I’m having fun doing it so it’s all good – but that’s not really why I’m writing you today. I’m writing today to remind you that it can be fun and rewarding for you too!

Everyone knows exercise is good for them – but very few people out there actually know that it can be fun.

And that’s the real secret to life long health and longevity, find an activity you enjoy doing – or to set a goal that you’re truly motivated to accomplish and stick with it until the end.

Keep your mind and your body engaged, constantly challenge yourself and most importantly NEVER give up.

It’s working for me, and I guarantee it will work for you to.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals


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