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Why I’m Here: An Introduction

This picture may sound familiar.

You’re not as young as you used to be. You’ve probably put on a little weight. You’re busy and maybe you’re not getting enough exercise. To top it off, you don’t sleep as well as you used to. And now your body is starting to rack up the consequences.

That’s where I found myself about a year ago.

Actually, I found myself in the emergency room. Fortunately, it wasn’t a heart attack. But it was a wake-up call. I had to get serious about getting healthy. Frankly, even with insurance, I can’t afford another trip to the hospital.

At the same time, my wife was a little worried about her own health. She’s younger than I am, but she had a good reason to be concerned. She was watching what was happening to me and seeing herself in a few years.

We’ve always enjoyed hiking, and we’re Disney fanatics, so we hit on a plan. Part of our “get healthier” program would be completing the Walt Disney World half-marathon.

The Disney event made perfect sense…

  • It’s relatively uncompetitive. Many entrants simply walk the 13.1 miles. Briskly, but they walk it.
  • It’s wall-to-wall entertainment. There’s something going on at least every mile – including a chance to see behind the scenes areas of Disney’s parks.
  • It gave us an excuse to spend a long weekend at one of our favorite spots on Earth. And since we have park passes anyway…

I’ll get into logistics in my next post. First, let’s talk about something else you may be able to relate to. Relationships.

Some couples do everything together. But most don’t. We’re part of the “most.”

We’re both self-employed, building our respective businesses, and deeply involved in outside activities. We don’t always see a lot of each other. When we do, one or the other of us is often asleep.

We saw this as a chance to reconnect. Because you don’t just go from zero to completing a half-marathon. You have to train. And we made the decision to train together.

This gives us time alone almost every day. Time when there are no phones, no computers, and no TV. Time to get reacquainted. Time to focus on making our relationship stronger.

In future weeks, we’ll talk about preparing for a “race”… making choices… building – and breaking – habits… failures and successes… and, yes, even sex. I promise to keep it real and I’ll try not to preach. Ever.

Meanwhile, stay tuned. In our next installment, I’ll share my wake-up call.

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