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Where’s my Slice?!

Everybody loves pizza – especially me. So I was understandably upset the other night when my Mom stopped by the house with some take out she’d picked up from my favorite local pizzeria.
Why you ask? Well, she picked up a slice for herself and for my sister – but none for me. All I got was a crummy salad!

“ I thought you health nuts didn’t eat pizza” were her exact words – but little did Mom know pizza can be apart of a healthy balanced eating plan.

In fact with a little thought – pizza can be down right good for you. If you’re using or choosing the right ingredients that delicious slice of pizza you’re craving can actually be chock full of vital nutrients, fiber and free radical fighting anti-oxidants.

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So today I thought I’d share a few simple tricks (hope you’re reading Mom) that will insure that you can have your pizza and eat it too – no matter how strict your diet may be.

The Crust: If possible always opt for a pizza with a crust made from whole wheat flower instead of white flour. Whole wheat flower is loaded with vital nutrients, fiber and has a much lower glycemic load than the bleached version – making it a much smarter choice for your health and your waist line. And a lot of the more popular pizza chains have already added whole wheat pizza crusts to their menus.

The Sauce: Tomatoes – even the cooked tomatoes found in pizza sauce are brimming with Vitamins C, A and Lycopene – a super potent anti-oxidant that’s been shown to help maintain a healthy prostate. Which as you probably know also helps bolster robust sexual function and performance – so by all mean sauce it up!

The Cheese: Even though the cheese throws a few excess calories into the equation – it’s still loaded with calcium and is an excellent source of healthy protein. My only recommendation would be to opt for a low fat variety if given the option.

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The Toppings: There are so many different healthy options I don’t even know where to start. First we have a cornucopia of veggies to choose from like tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and spinach. Just about any veggie you can think of works great on a pizza – and they’re all loaded with vital nutrients, fiber, anti-oxidants and contain little or no calories what-so-ever.

And then we have a few healthy meat choices as well – personally I try and stay away from the processed meats like pepperoni and sausage. They’re both very high in saturated fat – but there are few healthier selections like grilled chicken, anchovies and lean ground beef that can deliver a slew of muscle building protein along with that great pizza taste.

So spread the word guys – pizza can be good for you. And get the word out fast – I want to make sure that what happened to me the other night never happens to you or anyone else ever again!

Like I told Mom the other night – just because we eat healthy doesn’t mean we have to eat like rabbits. Good food can and does taste good. That being said – I’m going to get a slice…

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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