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What’s Your Favorite Home Remedy?

It’s amazing how different families accumulate their own versions of home remedies for different ailments.

I am sure you’ve heard many of them before. Some of the more common examples….

  • Eating chicken soup when you have a cold
  • Drink a big glass of water to stop hiccups
  • Putting butter on a burn

Then there are some of the ones that aren’t so popular…

  • Taking tobacco from a cigarette and moisten with water for bee stings…or even using mud!
  • Eating a teaspoon of sugar for a jolt to your memory or to stop hiccups
  • or even better, a shot of whiskey and honey before going to bed, sweats out your cold.

In fact… I’m sure your family has a few little gems for when family members get hurt or sick.

And my family is no different.

But my family’s all time favorite is my grandfather’s sure-fire remedy for any and all ailments…a laxative.

No matter what ailed you… whether it was a stomach ache or a broken ankle… if you were in any pain of any kind, my grandfather’s answer was a laxative.

I fell victim to it on July 4th when I was 8 years old…

The night before I told my grandparents my stomach didn’t feel good and my grandfather promptly gave me a laxative.

I didn’t leave the bathroom that whole Independence Day… I barely made the fireworks that night!

And to this day… that instance is still a running joke in my family.

Now… whenever anybody in our family was sick or hurt… we always have the same reply,

You need a laxative.

And what is the moral of story?

Well… as much as your friends or families may have your best interests at heart… when it comes to home remedies, take my word for it:

Some of these “remedies” make great conversation amongst friends.

Now… seeing as we’ve shared a few of our family home remedies…

We thought it’d be fun to hear what home remedy your family or friends swear by?

Do they work?

Were you astounded by what somebody suggested you to do to remedy a pain or stomach ache?

We want to hear them all!

If you’ve gotten a kick out of this story… we can only imagine  the great examples we’re going to get from our readers!

So have fun with it!

Share your home remedy, a story… or even a suggesting HERE!

We’ll publish some of the best entries in future editions of our newsletter!

And as always…

Stay healthy!

Shawn Ambrosino
Best Life Herbals

PS. We’re really interested in your stories! Post your favorite home remedy or suggestion by clicking HERE! Remember… we’ll be sharing some of the best stories in a future edition of the Journal for Healthy Living… and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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