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What’s in your closet?

It isn’t a big secret that when you eat right, exercise, get the right amount of rest and reduce your stress level… you should feel great… mentally and physically.

But while that may be true… there’s still something missing.

I know what you’re thinking… “Doc, if I’ve done all of that, and I feel fabulous, what else is there? What more could I possibly do to feel better.”

The answer to this question is in your closet and in your pocket.

A little confused?

You won’t be in a few moments… as a matter of fact… I bet you figure out the answer to this question after hear about a these two incidents that happened to me while working the second shift (or late shift).

Citizen X

About four years ago… I was sent to check a house that had been vacant for a couple of years… as reports that a homeless person had decided to take up residence.

After running a routine check… sure enough.. a homeless man had moved into this vacant house… without electricity or water… and had not been there more than a couple of days.

To protect his name… we’ll call him Citizen X.

Citizen X was in his late forties, well groomed, dressed well and after talking to him… he seemed well educated.

My interest was piqued…so I explained my observations to him and asked how he ended up in that situation.

With tears streaming down his face, he told me his story… and by the time he finished…I was just about ready to cry with him.

In short… a companion and a best friend got together and through a tragic glitch in “the system”… ended up with his business and home.

He insisted he was starting over… and I believed him.

He had found the vacant house and had to get out of the poor weather… and after all he had gone through… now I had to tell him he had to leave.

I felt badly about it… but the house belonged to someone else and at the time it wasn’t habitable… and I don’t make up the laws, I just enforce them.

He didn’t resist at all… and my partner and I stayed while he packed his few remaining belongings and left.

He never asked for money or help of any kind but on his way out I stopped him and handed him a twenty dollar bill.

At first he refused and said he couldn’t take the money.

I asked him if he was really going to start over and he said, “yes.”

I told him, “Take the money and use it wisely… and when you get back on your feet again… please pass that money on to someone else that needed and deserved it.”

He shook my hand and said he would.

I’ve never heard from Citizen X… but I would like to believe he returned to society again and passed on that twenty.


Have you figured it out the answer yet?

Either way, see if the answer is a little more clear after you hear about this little experience…

Citizen Y

I met Citizen Y one evening at the public beach about 6 years ago..

I was on foot patrol that evening and Citizen Y walked up and started a conversation.

He was very personable… and I would run into him a few times a month… and bit by bit, I learned his story.

He was living near the beach in a house as a caretaker… the house was in poor condition and needed a lot of repairs.

Citizen Y didn’t have a job at the time… and even though he was “working”… there wasn’t much money and he was concerned about feeding and getting veterinary care for his dog.

He never asked for a thing… except if there was a local animal shelter that would help his dog.

I told him that I would look into it and let him know.

I explained the situation to a friend and local veterinarian… and feeling for the animal… he visited Citizen Y and his dog, giving all the necessary care for the dog, free of charge.

Citizen Y left the area shortly after that and for many years he sent Christmas cards with pictures and letters to the police department thanking Rosemary and me for helping him.

He started his own masonry company and apparently, the business took off.

I remembered these two incidents this morning when Rosemary and I were going through our closets and removing clothes to deliver to a local charitable organization.

Have you figured out what could be missing from your life… not matter how great you feel?

If not… here’s the answer… the missing element is giving.

I don’t know about everyone else… but I feel great when I can help someone out or a local shelter that helps people or animals.

And that’s why I said, “the answer is in your closet or pocket.”

To see what I’m talking about… go through your closet and for those clothes you haven’t worn for quite awhile.

Give them to a local shelter and help someone’s life become a little easier.

Or… if you can, try donating some time or money to a local animal shelter..

Believe me, you’ll feel better about yourself.

And you’ll feel positively euphoric when you witness your giving passed on… when someone you’ve helped… helps someone else.

It’s truly beautiful…


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