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What Your Wife Really Thinks About Your Sex Life

I received a very poignant letter from one of my female readers the other day that gave me some pretty rich insight into the mind of a 45 year old almost happily married woman.
And since the topic she brought up is one that affects so many men and their significant others – I thought I’d discuss her letter and my response in an open forum so we can better understand this problem by examining it from both sides.

Dear Louis,

You talk a lot about men’s sexual health in your publication. Unfortunately I’m a 45 year old woman, but even still, your advice always seems to make sense so I thought I’d ask you about my husband.

Just to give you a little background we are recently married, our 2 year anniversary is in September and my husband hardly ever wants sex anymore. He’s 46, in pretty good health as far as I can see (just a small belly) and he used to have a very strong sex drive when we were first married.

I can tell he’s stressed out because of work and we also have 2 children, one each from our previous marriages that are adding some fuel to the fire. But I still can’t see why he never wants to have sex with me anymore! It all happened so fast.

I’m starting to worry that it might not be him – but it’s me that’s the problem. Is there anything I can do to help?



Like I said – a great letter and she brings up some really good points. And it’s always great when you can sneak a peak behind the curtains of a relationship and see things from a woman’s perspective.

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You can learn so much that way – so OK now here’s my response. But keep in mind this is great advice for anyone suffering from a recent sexual slump…

Dear Anonymous,

Obviously not knowing your husband’s complete medical history, current health and overall fitness levels makes it a bit more challenging to help with his particular problem or problems.

Many men suffer from declining testosterone levels – a very common condition in men your husband’s age.

Testosterone is essentially the stuff that makes a man a man – and it’s quite possible he’s starting to feel the effects of his initial decline little or no sex drive, he’s stressed out and in your letter you made it sound like he’s starting to get a little soft around the gut.

These are all tell tale signs of low testosterone levels in men – but the good news is you do have options. There are several very effective solutions for boosting declining testosterone – and many of the best are 100% natural.

So first let’s assume you have an open dialogue with your husband about his recent lack of sexual interest. Talk to him and ask him to go see his doctor. A simple blood test can let you know right away if you’re on the right track. And if you’re not then maybe he can help pin point the actual problem – you never know this might not be a physical problem at all.

After that he just has to follow three simple steps to naturally boost his testosterone levels and he should see immediate and drastic improvement in just about every facet of his life – his sex life especially.

The first is nutrition – and I have a pretty good feeling that if his testosterone levels are already noticeable dipping at the tender age of 45 his diet is probably lacking. So changes will have to be made.

And to make this transition as easy as possible for him I’d start off with just 2 simple improvements.

Finally: a pain fighting formula that not only eradicates pain but also increases joint mobility and repairs years of damage from constant wear and tear. And this is the only place you’ll find it, anywhere.

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One is to buy a veggie juicer – you can make sure your hubby is getting at least 4 or 5 servings of fresh vegetables every day by if you can make him drink just one glass. Green veggies are the best – but make sure you throw in a little fruit to help with the taste a bit.

Feed him different varieties of foods that are rich in Zinc like dark red meats, peanuts, peanut butter, oysters, cheese and legumes. Zinc is one of Mother Nature’s best all natural testosterone boosters.

And the other nutritional necessity is protein – make sure you’re feeding your man plenty of fresh meat, milk fish, poultry and eggs and you’ll start to see his inner cave man come out in no time at all.

Now, after diet comes physical fitness – and if testosterone is what your man seeks than he’s going to want to focus his energy on specific exercises that target his large muscle groups – more specifically his legs.

Because when you exercise the large muscles in your legs it urges your body to produce more testosterone – it’s a win win situation. Not only will he feel stronger and more vigorous just from the exercises alone – but once his body starts producing rich amounts of testosterone again he’ll feel his inner beast start to come to life!

And last but certainly not least on the list are nutritional supplements. There are literally dozens of natural herbs, nutrients and plant extracts that have been proven effective at naturally raising a mans testosterone production.

You heard me make mention of Zinc a little earlier – but instead of buying them all separately I’d recommend buying a quality supplement that has them all in one handy package.

My personal favorite is a product called Mandro RX it contains everything a man’s body needs to support healthy, robust testosterone production and sexual function.

And more importantly, Mandro has also been shown to decrease the amount of estrogen in a man’s blood stream – and this is critically important because estrogen is a female sex hormone that can cripple a man’s sex drive and actually work against his natural production of testosterone.

This imbalance creates a perfect storm of sorts which can actually send and otherwise healthy man into a form of male Menopause known as Andropause – which literally translated means The End of Being a Man!
But now I think we need talk about what you can do to help fix this problem if this isn’t something you two have ever spoken about. And I can completely understand why you might want to keep this to yourself.

Essentially we’re going to stick to the exact same formula we spoke about before –it’s just going to be a little harder to implement some of the stuff we talked about this way. But it can still be done.

For instance – it’s probably not going to be too difficult to get your husband to eat a steak or some steamed oysters for dinner. But a spinach and broccoli juice cocktail could prove tricky if he doesn’t think he has a reason to drink it.

So for the meals you are in control of you’re going to have to make sure he’s getting plenty of veggies. If you used to have one vegetable per meal – start making three. Try and sneak them into his omelets, soups even sandwiches if you have to – whatever works.

Exercise is going to be another tricky one – but not impossible if you’re willing to take the lead.

You could try inviting him out on walks after dinner – or even better – guys love sports. Have you ever thought of taking up a new sport together like tennis or golf? Nothing brings out a man’s inner beast like physical activity.

And as for the supplements – maybe you could tell him you got them from a “friend” and you heard really good things. If you can just get him to try them once that should be enough to get him on board for life!

I really hope this helps – so please try a few of my ideas out and let me know how they work out for you two. And remember consistency is the key.

Good luck!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

Here’s How You Fit Into All of This:

Great letter – great advice – and I really hope things work out for them. But you’re still probably asking yourself what’s all this got to do with me.

Well maybe everything and maybe nothing – let me ask you this though…are you sure that’s not your wife?!

What if I told you it was – just imagine how that would make you feel. Who else has she told – do her friends know – what about your mother?!

Because the cold hard truth of the matter is, if you’ve noticed a decline so has she. And if you guys aren’t talking about it openly and honestly than she might even blame herself for your lack of interest.

So are you willing to do whatever it takes to protect, bolster or re-capture your manhood – for yourself and for that lucky lady in your life?

I thought you might – just one word of advice though, don’t wait so long that she’s losing sleep about it and writing anonymous letters to health magazines.

After all great sex is a gift from the heavens and it’s just not fair if you’re not sharing it with that lucky lady in your life– don’t make her beg!

BTW – I love getting letters, feedback and especially questions. So feel free to drop me a line anytime and let me know how you’re feeling .

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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