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Watch What you Read…

It could kill you! Literally — like a recent article I came across, “Vitamin tablets may do more harm than good”. Bad information like that is a sure recipe for a vitamin deficiency – maybe worse.

This half cocked article concluded that vitamins ward off diseases in the test tube but do nothing when taken orally. And even went on to say that some scientists have concluded they might even be dangerous.
The article did mention the benefits of these same compounds if extracted from natural sources like fruits and veggies. But for some strange reason they’d have you believe that taking the same nutrients in supplement form is a waste of time and money.

Now I don’t know about you – but at this point in the article I was already shaking my head! And for 2 very key reasons:

1) They failed to site any clinical studies to back up any of the outrageous claims mentioned. Actually the two studies they did site sang the praises of vitamins up and down:

(Both conducted in the 90’s involving more than 127,000 participants concluded that a diet including vitamins decreased the risk of heart attack and stroke.)

2) They also failed to mention who sponsored their erroneous study. But I’ll find out — my assistant is checking into this as I write you this letter.

This is without a doubt the single most important step you can take for your overall health and wellbeing. If you’ve had a cold or flu in the last year you need to take immediate action now!

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So in the mean time, just to ease your mind a bit – I did some quick digging into my bottomless library of clinical studies. And I found a few that tell a completely different story about the benefits of vitamins.

Here’s what I dug up:

1) STUDY: Potential health economic benefit of vitamin supplementation. Conducted by Roche Vitamins, Paramus, New Jersey, USA

CONCLUSION: Nearly $20 billion in hospital charges were potentially avoidable each year with the daily use of folic acid and zinc enriched multivitamins by all women of child bearing age and daily vitamin E supplementation by those over 50.

2) STUDY: Mega dose vitamins in bladder issues: a double-blind clinical trial. Conducted by the Department of Urology, West Virginia University School of Medicine, Morgantown.

CONCLUSION: Mega dose of vitamins A, B6, C and E plus zinc decreases bladder health problems and their recurrence.

3) STUDY: Postnatal child growth health. Conducted by the Department of Nutrition and Community Health, and Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

CONCLUSION: Supplementation by women with multivitamins (vitamins B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E) during pregnancy and lactation is an effective intervention for improving ponderal growth (healthy weight gain) in children.

4) STUDY: Periconceptional (early pregnancy) supplementation with folate and/or multivitamins for preventing neural tube defects. Conducted by the Centre for the Study of Mothers’ and Children’s Health, La Trobe University

CONCLUSION: Folate supplementation has a strong protective effect against neural tube defects. Information about folate should be made more widely available throughout the health and education system.

Just keep in mind that all the individual supplements and high potency multis mentioned above are most effective when used as a preventative measure.

Even with all the attention anti-oxidants have garnered over the last few years. I’d still rather be taking them to prevent an illness rather than to cure it.

Remember the real cure lies is our own auto immune system – if you keep it running full bore 24 – 7 there no job too big.

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The supplements we take aren’t designed to cure disease (even though some studies have suggested they can do just that.)

Their real purpose is to keep your body running at maximum efficiency – to turbo charge your immune system and to help avoid any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Which can turn into much bigger problems down the road if left unchecked.

So pay close attention to Mr. Twain’s sagely advice at the top of the letter – and don’t believe everything you read about your health. Check facts, sources and especially the motivation behind their findings.

Always get a second opinion – because a lot of the time you’re getting just that. An opinion — and opinions vary!

You already know mine – vitamins are crucial to overall good health and vitality. Especially in today’s fast food canned vegetables kind of world.

At the very least you should be taking a high potency multi that specifically geared toward your (a man or woman’s) particular needs.

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Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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