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An Unmanly Admission

An Unmanly Admission

An Unmanly AdmissionIf you’re a younger guy, you probably won’t relate to this. And for that, I envy you. But for my fellow middle-agers, this is a common problem.

I’m talking about skin.

HB doesn’t have skin problems. She uses an exfoliant, she buffs, she moisturizes. In fact, she moisturizes pretty much 100% of her skin every day. Even during the southern Florida summer.

I, on the other hand, am a typical Baby Boomer. Moisturizing is something women do. Men of my generation have words for guys who use moisturizer… and none of them are flattering.

Having grown up with New England winters, my skin has taken a beating. And I’ve noticed over the last few years that my skin has been changing. I’ve developed dry spots… it’s been getting less elastic… and I’m showing a few lines and creases.

So I’ve had to wrestle with something my generation’s standards rank as slightly unmanly. I have to moisturize.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to look far for information. In the Journal for Healthy Living, our Best Life Herbals Wellness Team has written several articles on keeping your skin looking younger.

Aloe vera and glycerin are two natural moisturizers he’s recommended. I like the feel of aloe, and I also like the fact it promotes quick healing. With 3 cats, I get a lot of little nicks and scratches.

So I’ve been looking for a moisturizer with plenty of aloe. But I’d like to get a few other nutrients.

I already take CoQ10 to promote cellular energy production. But it turns out CoQ10 is a great topical nutrient, too. It helps your skin fight wrinkles. It also rejuvenates skin by boosting energy production.

I’m not too worried about wrinkles from an appearance standpoint. But they’re a sign of aging skin… skin that’s getting weaker, thinner and less elastic. So it seems practical to fight wrinkles, as unmanly as that sounds to my generation.

One major cause of wrinkles is the sun’s UV rays. You need sun exposure to make vitamin D. But too much UV light breaks down your skin.

I don’t like sunscreens. Most of them are loaded with unhealthy chemicals. But you can boost your skin’s defenses against UV light from the inside.

Both green tea and grape seed extract are supposed to be good for this. They contain natural chemicals that act as antioxidants in your skin. For me, the bonus is I love green tea. So this is just another reason to enjoy it.

Surprisingly, vitamin C is another powerful skin nutrient. Your body needs vitamin C to make collagen, a key building block of all connective tissue. I take more than 2,000 mg of vitamin C every day.

People tell me, apart from the gray hair, I don’t look my age. And I’m trying to keep it that way. As much as it may go against my generational grain, that includes taking better care of my skin.

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