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Unleash Your Sexual Warrior!

All with the addition of just one powerful nutrient. It’s fast, cheap and effective – and the best part is this tiny little plant has been proven effective over thousands of years and by rigorous testing in the bedroom and on the battlefield.
Since around the dawn of time regular guys like you and me have been tapping into the amazing sexual powers of this miracle root veggie to transform their average libidos into those of a sex crazed barbarian.

Actually the amazing sexual powers of this little know sex food are so well documented its use was strictly regulated during ancient times. And for very good reason – it works almost too well!

So if rock hard erections and a sex drive that never quits are as important to you as they are to me – than now’s the time to make this little Peruvian wonder a regular part of your daily nutritional regimen.

Lepidium Meyenni (Maca):

Maca is a root vegetable that grows high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Over the last 500 years Maca has become a staple of the Peruvian diet, mainly because of its ability to ramp up energy levels, endurance and sexual desire in men.

In Peru, this radish like vegetable has become a symbol of power and virility – and for very good reason. Maca enhances both sexual function and increases your overall desire for sex.

And it’s regularly consumed by both men and women in Peru because of its amazing ability to enhance both their physical and mental energy. On top of all that, modern research into this amazing plant has revealed that it’s overflowing with beneficial amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Most researchers agree that Maca is probably the single most beneficial health supplement you can take.

As I get older I find it funnier and funnier that sex is referred to as “getting lucky”. It’s my experience that luck is really nothing more than preparation and opportunity coming together at the same time in the same place. Now ask yourself this – the next time you have the opportunity to have great sex will you be prepared?

If you answered no – than I urge you to follow this link and read the attached repot. And prepare yourself to be amazed:


Sex Warriors of South America:

Legend has it that at the height of the Incan Empire – high priests would give Maca to young warriors to calm their fears before battle. They’d chew on the root, and it would work them into such a frenzy they couldn’t stand still.

The warriors would bounce around in a big circle of spears and clubs for an hour or so, and then run 15 miles to the next village and kill every man in sight. And after all the men were dead they’d rape all their women, and in some cases even their cattle until the effects wore off.

This stuff was so effective that between battles soldiers were prohibited from eating Maca to protect the women (and sometimes the men) of the conquered tribe from constant rape.

It was that effective! And keep in mind that in cultures like these it’s not uncommon for tribal elders of 50 years or older to have multiple wives – some as young as teenagers.

Ever wonder what’s keeping those guys going? The secret lies in the Maca…

From the Battlefield to the Bed Room:

Centuries ago Peruvian farmers noticed that if they grazed their animals in areas where Maca root flourished their livestock would become bigger, healthier, stronger and much more sexually active!

So it wasn’t too long before they tried it themselves – and the rest is history!

But today the benefits of Maca are starting to turn heads the world over. In my humble opinion Maca is hands down the most underrated herbal supplement around!

Vigorous energy…an insatiable desire for sex and a cornucopia of essential vitamins and minerals so vast, scientists have yet to classify all of them – all combined makes Maca your one stop shop for robust sexual health.

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And main stream science is starting to get on the Maca band wagon — a recent 12 week double blind study to determine the effects of Maca on sexual desire was a brilliant success.

Logistic regression analysis (a statistical model that calculates success) showed that oral supplementation with Maca drastically improves sexual desire in men – and for a lot less money than you’d spend on any of today’s prescription sex boosters.

But of course with Maca you won’t have to worry about any of the nasty side effects associated with chemically based prescription meds.

And these days you can find Maca in just about every health food store and vitamin shop in the U.S. Or you could try the supplement I use called the Evital System

It not only contains Maca but an entire shopping list of pro-sex herbs that are guaranteed to help you unleash your own sexual warrior.

But no matter what brand you choose I highly recommend adding this little South American wonder to your daily nutritional regimen ASAP. It’s very inexpensive and the benefits are just too vast to be ignored.

So give it a shot – Maca is a tremendous bargain considering it can do the job of both your prescription sex booster and your daily multi-vitamin all in one handy little package.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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