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Unconditional Love

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.
                                                                                                                   Morrie Schwartz

The other day I was talking with a fellow officer and was very disappointed with one of his statements.

I told him I had three dogs and he blurted out that he couldn’t have another dog because it hurt too much when his dog died ten years ago. I’ve been told that before and I certainly know the pain of losing such a close friend.

Back in February Rosemary and I had to endure the loss of our 18-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Brittany. It was really difficult but we will always make a loving home available for some little hairy four-legged guy left behind at a local shelter.

Having and bonding with a dog is a friendship you can’t get anywhere else. They are true friends and forgive you no matter how grumpy or difficult you’ve been.

Anyone that has had a dog will tell you a dog’s love is unconditional love. They’re always happy to see you and are always happy to be with you. Dogs are truly best friends and having them around helps to relieve the stress we build through the day.

During our forty-seven years of marriage we’ve had many dogs and I’ve learned that a family dog chooses their favorite person in the family.

As you know I’ve mentioned our dog Jake many times and it’s quite obvious that Jake has chosen me as his favorite person.

When he was younger he went on daily runs with me, now that he’s too old for long runs he anxiously waits for me to return from my run because he knows we go for a walk after I return.

He enjoys all the walks he can get. And he always insists on staying outside with me while I work in the yard or wash the cars.

After returning home from a week’s stay in the hospital Jake wouldn’t let me out of his sight. It was weeks before I could get up and leave the room without him following me.
And he reacts the same way when we return home from a vacation.

Every evening when I return home from work Jake and Sophie are at the door waiting for me and they happily greet me as I enter the house. How can anyone say no to that?

Through the years Rosemary and I have had to say farewell to many of our family pets and it’s always difficult. But I’m certain we got just as much love, if not more, out of the relationship as the pet got.

I wouldn’t change anything, that’s the way life works we out live our pets. We love them, give them a loving stress free home and in return they give unconditional love. They help to relieve our stress and calm us; they are a gift that we should be thankful for. Rosemary and I agree that there will always be a dog in our lives.

I appreciate and I’m thankful for all of the dogs that have come into my life and I’m a much richer person because of them. They are gifts ….so embrace them and learn from them.

If you are unable to have a pet at home there here are many animal shelters that are looking for volunteers to be dog walkers or to help with other chores. The time that you donate is gratefully appreciated.

As always never say you’re too old or you can’t because you’re not and you can.



P.S. Sophie is a wonderful little black Pug we adopted about two years ago. She has chosen Rosemary as her favorite person.

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