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“Too Old”… Not In My Vocabulary

I’m a very lucky man for many reasons… and I could go on and on listing all of them… but right now I want to stay focused on Health and Attitude.

I’m almost 67 years old… and a few years ago… I was given a new lease on life. After suffering a few health set-backs (some more serious than others) I just knew that things had to change.

I knew that I had to change my lifestyle… where I used to get very little exercise… I started taking up all kinds of new activities that got my body and life moving in new and exciting ways.

The best part?

My family has supported me in all my endeavors… even when they didn’t understand what I was doing.

As I’ve mentioned before… just about 9 years ago… I started training in mixed martial arts. After a few years of hard work and learning… the time came where I wanted to compete with others in my age group.

And guess who was standing right next to my instructors, cheering me on, even though they didn’t know the first thing about grappling or jiu jitsu?

If you guessed my family… you’d be 100% correct.

And each time I take on a new challenge… not one of them has told me I was too old to try…  not once.

And that undying support has been invaluable to me… because without it… I don’t know where my attitude (or myself!) would be.

I hear the phrase, “too old” spoken to often from some fellow seniors or their children.

Many people buy into that “I’m too old” or “You’re too old” baloney… when they shouldn’t. Nobody… not even yourself… should say that you’re too old for something.

Sure age and health can have an effect on what you’re able to do… but it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want. You can always find away around the problem… you just have to look for it.

Just a few years ago… I was overweight, out of shape and my health had declined to a point where I had to do something drastic or die.

So I did something drastic… and by the way… “too old” was never in my vocabulary.

When I decided to change my lifestyle… I quit eating fast food diet and started exercising… and the changes didn’t happen overnight.

But eventually they did…

However… if I had somebody constantly telling me, “Doc, you’re too old for that,” or “Doc, you just had your 3rd heart attack, you should be taking it easy,”… I might not be here talking to you today.

To get ready for my life change…I did a lot of reading and research and came up with a plan.

I didn’t go on a “diet” because most people don’t stick to them (me included) and when you go off of them… you can gain that lost weight back along with some additional pounds.  

That meant changing what, how much and when I ate.

And it meant regular exercising – no matter what.

I’m happy to say my wife was so pleased with my makeover… she suggested that I should become a personal trainer.

She never said “you’re too old”.

When your wife cheers you on like that…it’s a great compliment. It tells you that the changes you see in the mirror… your wife also sees and is pleased with.

I’m thankful for every day for getting my health back and for having strong support from my wife and family.

Besides nixing processed foods in favor of fresh fruits, veggies and meats…  I exercise every day… even when I travel.

Believe it or not… you don’t need a gym to exercise… body weight exercises are best for everyday living. When I travel I do pushups, squats and crunches in my hotel room.

In addition…many hotels have pools large enough for swimming laps. And most often there is an area where I can go for a fast pace walk and even run some wind sprints if needed.

So my new attitude on life… meant my whole life… not just when I’m in my comfort zone. It should follow you everywhere.

Decide on a change… and stay with it.

Keep notes or a diary and you will have proof of how you have changed.

In six months or a year down the road… you will feel better, be stronger, be more flexible and feel better about yourself… trust me.

And if someone tells you that YOU’RE TOO OLD just smile at them and keep exercising.



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