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This Beverage Goes Straight to Your… Knees

This Beverage Goes Straight to Your… Knees

 Most of us have heard the old joke about applying some food or other directly to our hips, “because it’s going to end up there anyway.” But how about a popular drink that goes straight to your knees.

According to a brand-new study, that may be exactly what’s happening. What the researchers can tell you for sure is that people who drink it suffer more knee damage than people who don’t.

This is a much bigger deal than you might first think.

Half of all U.S. adults will suffer with painful knee joint damage, according to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). And surveys show knee pain is the #1 joint complain in the U.S. today.

So if we’re loading up on a beverage that makes knee damage worse… that’s a very big deal.

And I do mean “load up.” The average American packs away just over 44 gallons of this drink every year!

The drink is soda. Once thought of as a treat, it’s now our drink of choice. No other drink comes close. Not even water.

And sugary sodas, it turns out, are bad for your knees. Here’s the story…

A medical team in New England looked at more than 2,100 men with degenerative knee damage. They used a food questionnaire to learn what the volunteers ate and drank – including sugary sodas. Then they followed up with the volunteers once a year for four years.

At the end of the study, the results were clear. The men who drank the most soda also had the most additional damage to their knees. Even after the team factored in weight gain, the difference was clear.1

The doctors can’t say that soda was the direct cause. But the men who drank the most soda averaged twice as much damage as the men who drank the least.

With knee pain so widespread, it just makes sense to avoid anything that might make it worse. And to take steps to lower your risk.

Of course, if you already suffer with joint pain, several nutritional supplements may help. Green lipped mussel, white willow bark, chicken collagen, and several other herbs and nutrients have proven effective.

Dropping a few pounds will also help your knees. And cutting out sugary drinks is a good start. We tend to eat less at meals if we snack. But we don’t cut down on food so much when we drink calories.

For a delicious, refreshing drink, try decaffeinated green tea. If you have a sweet tooth, add a little stevia. This herbal sweetener has no calories and has been safely used for centuries.

Another simple way to ease sore joints – or help lower your risk of suffering at all – is to pay closer attention to your shoes.

Many people wear shoes designed to make your gait more stable. But the ACR reports that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Stability shoes are more likely to make the problem worse. So are stiff shoes such as clogs. And high heels.

To ease the load on your knees, the key words are flat and flexible. Shoes that allow your foot to move as naturally as possible will also ease the pressure on your knees… and lower your risk of knee problems later on. They’ll also help you feel better if you already have knee pain.2

Yours in good health

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

1 “Weekly Soft Drink Consumption Bubbles Up Knee Osteoarthritis; Especially in Men,” American College of Rheumatology. Nov 7, 2012.

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