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When I was growing up, everyone’s grandmother shared little bits of folk wisdom… time-tested sayings they could offer at the appropriate moment. One that didn’t make much sense to this little boy was “Laughter is the best medicine.”

But the last 10 years have brought a new understanding to that old folk saying. Today, we’re beginning to see that laughter isn’t just good medicine… it may be powerful anti-aging medicine.

You’ve probably noticed how chronic stress affects people. Just look at recent U.S. presidents. One term in the White House seems to age them 10 or 15 years.

The same thing happens to anyone with a lot of stress – whether it’s caring for an aged parent or pressure at work. We may not see it as clearly, since the stress of guiding the country is heavier, but it’s there.

One of the ways stress wears your body down is through the release of hormones like cortisol. Your body is designed to respond to short bursts of these hormones when you’re in danger. This is the “fight or flight” response that kept our ancestors alive.

But constant stress keeps your hormone levels up – as if you’re constantly in danger. That’s how stress wears you down… and eventually wears your body out.

Doctors at Loma Linda University discovered that laughter has an amazing effect on stress hormones. They tested stress hormone levels in a group of healthy men. Then they showed half the group a funny movie.

After the movie was done, the doctors tested both groups again. The non-watchers didn’t show any meaningful change. But the stress hormone levels of the men who’d seen the movie were lower.1

In another experiment, researchers showed two groups of women either a funny video or a tourism video. Women watching the funny video showed lower stress levels afterwards, while the tourism group didn’t.

But these researchers measured something else, too… natural killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells are an important part of your immune defenses. And after watching the funny video, women’s NK cell activity went up. The tourism video group had no change.2

A third experiment looked at more than just NK cells… and the results were jaw dropping.

Men who watched a humorous video for an hour showed greater NK cell activity – and stronger immune function by about a dozen different measures – 12 hours after the movie ended!3

“Laughter therapy” can also boost mood, cheerfulness and overall satisfaction with life.4 and a recent study at Hong Kong Polytechnic University showed that humor supports lower levels of pain – even for long-term sufferers.5

Blood flow is also important to your health. And laughter, it turns out, promotes better blood flow.

Researchers in Maryland discovered that simply laughing at a funny movie increased blood flow. They also found that laughter promotes blood vessel health as much as aerobic exercise.6

So, if you want to give your body a boost – and fight the effects of aging – set a little time aside every day for humor. Thanks to libraries, cable TV and the Internet, a little laughter therapy is always close at hand.

Stay Healthy,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
Best Life Herbals

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