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The Tarzan Diet

If you want to live a long happy life full of vigorous, robust male health – you’re going to have to learn to separate fact from fiction when it come to what’s really constitutes a healthy diet.
And it’s not as easy as it might sound – because for decades we’ve been spoon fed lies and half truths from one media source or another either pushing the latest vegetarian eating craze of a flawed food pyramid that might just be the unhealthiest diet a man can consume.

As a man, your diet affects your lifestyle in so many ways. Of course you know the short term consequences like obesity. But have you ever stopped to think about long term damage you could be inflicting on yourself with the food choices you’ve been making?

You have to beware; your very man hood is under attack! And this vicious assault threatens to turn you into a feminine shadow of your former self.

And you don’t have to look much farther than the food pyramid than was put out by our own government to see a huge part of the problem. Breads, pasta, rice and grains serve as the base of what’s thought to be a healthy balanced diet.

Where as beef, chicken, fish and dairy products are tucked away and practically forgotten about. Hidden right underneath snacks foods and deserts for crying out loud!

Not only has this lie turned an entire generation of young Americans men into fat out of shape wussies, it’s had an almost crippling effect on the masculinity of all modern men.

As I get older I find it funnier and funnier that sex is referred to as “getting lucky”. It’s my experience that luck is really nothing more than preparation and opportunity coming together at the same time in the same place. Now ask yourself this – the next time you have the opportunity to have great sex will you be prepared?

If you answered no – than I urge you to follow this link and read the attached repot. And prepare yourself to be amazed:


Now I don’t profess to know everything about nutrition. And, anyone who does is a hack, because we still have a lot to learn about nutrition and the physiology of the human body.

But one thing is for certain – the best diet for men (and everyone else for that matter) is the diet we instinctively want to eat. The same diet our ancestors ate for thousands of year before the advent of modern agriculture.

The diet you would crave if you were raised by wolves, and there were no books written by vegans or the bias media to tell you exactly what’s good and what isn’t.

Protein Power:

Protein is a crucial component for every single cell in the human body! Your body uses protein to build muscle and repair body tissue – protein is also one of the primary building blocks for bones, cartilage, muscle and skin.

But more importantly, your body uses protein to make enzymes, hormones and other vital chemicals. And among them is the king of all male sex hormones…testosterone.

And as you’ve heard me say a 1000 times in the past – the more testosterone you have coursing through your veins the manlier you’ll be!

You’ll burn excess fat faster and build more lean muscle…you’ll have harder erections and a super charged libido…and best of all testosterone gives you the energy and the confidence you need to accomplish just about anything!

The embodiment of everything that is man all from one precious hormone – without it we’d all be girls. So we have to protect our precious supplies at all costs!

More is Less:

All the negative press about high fat consumption has caused a low fat anti-meat revolution. But one of the biggest problems with cutting back on the beef is most people replace those lost calories with carbohydrates.

And what ends up happening is waist line expansion, loss of lean muscle mass and in severe cases, some very serious health problems.

But when you eat generous amounts of protein and very little carbohydrates an internal switch goes off inside you that sends a signal to your body to burn more fat and build more muscle – a process called Ketosis.

Ketosis is simply when your body switches from burning carbohydrates for fuel and starts burning its own fatty stores instead.

Exactly what you want if you’re looking for the athletic V-shaped taper. But most people just don’t associate a high fat diet with a lean healthy body — which would explain why nearly two-thirds of our population is over weight.

Not to mention a certain amount of fat is required by your body in order to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K. Without at least some fatty intake your body simply can’t process or absorb these essential nutrients.

The Tarzan Diet:

We’re actually very lucky – at this unique point in history, we can actually look into the past and study how a few of the surviving indigenous cultures still around today survive.

Untouched by the hands of time these people have lived and eaten the same way for 1,000’s of years. And the one thing they all have in common is that they all revere and eat wild game.

None are vegetarians – despite what a lot of he books I’ve read on the subject have said. Same goes for our distant relatives the primates – yet another case of mistaken vegetarianism.

And as a result of their high protein low carb lifestyle overall they are lean, healthy and disease free. And best of all, the men function at peek levels their entire lives working, playing and yes reproducing until a ripe old age.

It’s also worth mentioning that in many of these primitive cultures, the men can take multiple wives. So these guys need all the protein power they can get! And if you plan to keep your women satisfied until a ripe old age – so do you!

All Day Every Day:

So how much protein does your body require on a daily basis? Well, it’s different for everyone of course – so the best thing to do is to plan every meal around a lean serving of protein. Just like fruits and veggies, 3-5 servings of lean meat every day should have you pounding on your chest like a cave man until you’re 100.

But every day means every day. Protein is a macronutrient which means your body needs fairly large amounts. And unlike carbohydrates, your body doesn’t store protein, so it has no reserves to pull from when it’s time to go to work.

Better Than Nothing:

But take notes guys because all meats are not created equal – my advice would be to try and avoid processed meats like hotdogs, sausages and processed deli meats. The fillers, binders and added saturated fat can undo a lot of the good work the protein is doing.

Even soybeans often prized for their high protein content, are actually over 80% carbohydrates! So watch out…

Buy only the freshest, leanest cuts of meat. – and whenever possible opt for grass fed free range meat, chicken and fish. Pen raised, grain fed livestock are pumped full of antibiotics and other chemicals that work like estrogen in your body – robbing you of your raw manliness.

Also, free range beef and poultry are loaded with the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that are lacking in most grain fed beef and farm raised fish.

Foods fit for a Caveman:

Beef: my personal favorite. Just make sure you’re getting the leanest cuts available – I recommend Top Sirloin. And be sure to trim off any excess fat before you cook it — that will eliminate any unnecessary saturated fat.

Poultry: a very inexpensive yet healthy source of lean protein. And if you remove the skin before you cook it, chicken has almost ZERO saturated fat.

Fish: very low in saturated fat and brimming with healthy Omeg-3 fatty acids, fish is one of the healthiest forms of protein available anywhere.

Beans: another one of my personal favorites. Not only are beans an excellent source of protein, but they’re also loaded with healthy fiber just like fruits and veggies.

Nuts: ounce for ounce almonds have just as much protein as a rib eye steak. Nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats and they have more potassium than bananas or sweet potatoes.

After just a few weeks on my “Tarzan Diet” you’ll start to see the fat melting right off your body – and that coveted v-shape taper starting to emerge.

Your energy levels and your sex drive will be at an all time high. And you’ll start to notice muscles in places you didn’t even know you had muscles.

In no time you’ll be beating your chest, fighting off predators and dragging women back to your cave by their hair. Your ancestors would be proud!


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The Thrill of the Hunt…

Wild game is leaner and contains more essential Omega-3 fatty acids than commercially raised live stock .And you don’t have to worry about any of those nasty chemicals or antibiotics they inject into their feed.

Hunting is great excuse to get out of the house and get some fresh air and it’s an amazing exercise. Walking over rough terrain alone burns about 250 – 500 calories an hour. Not to mention all that running and climbing you’ll have to do. Plus somebody has to carry home the kill.

And you may remember a few months back – I wrote to you about a study conducted by the research team at Knox College. They discovered that the simple act of playing with guns can boost your body’s natural testosterone production.

So if you live in an area that has good wild game and allows hunting. Get out there and get in touch with your inner cave man.

You’ll be a leaner, meaner and manlier cave man for your troubles – happy hunting!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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