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The SPICY Secret REVEALED! Hot Peppers For Greater Overall Health

Hot sauce lovers have been praising the Cayenne pepper for years…especially for its extraordinary ability to spice up ANY dish…

Now…with support and research from the medical community…there are even MORE reasons to praise this volcanic fruit!

In all aspects of human health…there is NOTHING more important than blood flow…many of the problems that older generations face comes from a lack of blood flow to areas of the body that badly need it.

The blood carries nutrients throughout the body…and it is also the avenue through which many wastes make their OUT of the body.

So it should be obvious how an improved circulatory system can lead to a HEALTHIER lifestyle…and the answer to improved blood flow may just be…

Cayenne Pepper.

There is no KNOWN other nutrient that moves blood faster through the system than Cayenne pepper…and that includes Ginger!

Improved blood flow can lead to a very health enhancing effect on the body as it can actually RAISE the body’s temperature…causing one to SWEAT.

This process has been used for CENTURIES in the treatment of high fevers and sinus congestion stemming from colds or allergies. Plus, we know that sweating also helps the body purge harmful toxins and bacteria. Ever notice how much better you feel after sweating through some exercise?

Even better…

You can grow this INCREDIBLY POTENT produce in your GARDEN!

Who says SPICY is BAD?

Have you ever taken a mouthful of chili or salsa that made you sweat profusely while causing your eyes to water, your to mouth burn, and your nose to run?

This isn’t because you can’t handle the heat of the pepper…it’s because the active ingredient in the cayenne increases blood flow…and this increased blood flow causes the nose to run because it stimulates the release of mucus from the breathing passages in the body just as the raised temperature of the blood heats the capillaries and membranes of the eye cleansing them and making them work more efficiently.

Not to mention the effect that improved blood flow has on the digestive process…as better circulation leads to faster digestions…it allows for better absorption of nutrients!

As we age…there is a decline in stomach acids…which is what breaks down foods to be absorbed by the human body in order to get the nutrients it needs…it’s this reduction of acids that leads to POOR digestion…and MANY of the digestive problems people SUFFER with throughout the world!

The cayenne pepper INVIGORATES the digestive linings of both the stomach and intestines…which can lead to an INCREASE in these stomach acids.

It’s like the pepper contains a miniature “Fountain of Youth” for digestive enzymes!

All from improved blood flow…

What makes this pepper HOT?

The active nutrient in this SUPER FRUIT…is Capsaicin…it’s what gives peppers their HEAT!

Capsaicin occurs NATURALLY in Cayenne peppers as a defense system to ward off hungry animals that might demolish the plant before it is able to come to fruition…

Luckily…this wasn’t hot ENOUGH to deter early humans …we’ve been using the spice for thousands of years on foods and in medicines.

But one of the wonders of the twentieth century was the development and improvement of advanced research facilities and protocols…and as a result of thorough testing…the Cayenne pepper has become one of the most IMPORTANT nutrients in both herbal and pharmaceutical products.

And one region with extensive research is the area pain relief!

Pain Relief…Releasing the Flood GATES!

Capsaicin can be used topically…

When put on the skin…the component induces a very slight “heating up” of the area…which stimulates nerve endings to release the chemical known as “Substance P”…which is what transmits pain sensations from the body to the brain.

The slight heat released causes the nerve endings to no longer contain this Substance P…pain CANNOT be transmitted to the brain until the nerve endings can replenish their substance P reserves.

Leaving the user INSTANTLY PAIN FREE…

And it works as well on sore joints and tendons as it does on sore muscles!

So next time your joints feel sore and achy from inflammation…don’t reach in the medicine cabinet…reach in the garden for nature’s own AMAZING little “POWER” fruit!

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