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The Shocking Truth About Fat

For decades now it?s been thought that the secret formula for weight loss and disease prevention hinged on a low fat/low cholesterol diet.

And since when most of think of fat we think of that jiggly mass hanging on around our mid-sections – it didn?t take long for an entire nation to jump on board the anti-fat bandwagon.

But unfortunately for us this notion is very outdated – and the proof?s in the pudding.

Because over that time even though we?ve gradually decreased the amount of calories we get from fat in a day – the rate of obesity in this country has shot up significantly.

How could that be you ask?! Well simply put ? we know a lot more now about fat than we knew back then. A lot more!

Detailed research now shows us that it isn?t so much how much fat we consume that increases our risk of obesity and other diseases ? it?s the types of fats we eat that we have to watch out for.

I guess we?ve finally figured out what our caveman ancestors knew instinctively all those many thousands of years ago. Our bodies NEED fat!

Flawed Thinking:

One of the biggest problems with a standard low fat diet is that it also cuts out healthy fats that are good for our heart health and bolster the production of critical hormones (especially sex hormones like testosterone).

Take the egg for instance ? one of the most innocent victims in the war on fat. This near perfect source of protein long vilified by doctors and dieticians is just now making its way back onto our breakfast tables after nearly 2 decades in the dark.


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And while it is true that egg yolks do have cholesterol ? they also contain nutrients that can help lower your risk of heart disease such as protein, folate vitamin D and riboflavin.

They?re literally one of Mother Nature?s most perfect food sources ? and they we?re wrongfully convicted all in the name of the low fat diet craze.

Another serious flaw in a low fat diet is that most people replace those calories lost from fats with processed carbs like pastas, rice, bread and other calorie dense foods – which in turn can lead to expanding waist lines and other potentially serious health concerns.

And if you?re looking for a little help cutting back on those late night craving fat is the food for you.

Fat actually slows down the emptying of the stomach so you feel fuller longer. Something we could all use.

So today instead of talking about the fats we shouldn?t be eating I wanted to touch on which fats we should be eating in order to keep our bodies lean, healthy and functioning at their maximum potential.

The Neutral Fats:

I refer to Saturated Fats as ?neutral? fats because they raise both HDL (good) cholesterol levels and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Meaning you should limit your intake of these ?neutral? fats somewhat ? but you should NEVER cut them out completely.

And not just because most sources of saturated fats are also excellent sources of protein but more importantly they contain key nutrients that your body requires to produce a number of essential hormones ? most notably testosterone.

So stock up on the red meat, cheese, milk and eggs ? just make sure you don?t overdue it.

The Good Fats:

Also known as unsaturated fats ? these good fats are found mostly in plant products.

And they?re prized for their ability to not only lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol but raise your HDL (good) cholesterol levels. And that powerful 1-2 punch delivers a whole slew of amazing health benefits you NEED to be taking advantage of.


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Such as a reduced risk of heart disease, a leaner healthier physique, a hyper-active sex drive and super charged erectile function.

You?ll find these healthy fats in such foods as olives, olive oil, cashews, almonds, peanuts, actually most all nuts, avocados and fish.

So stock up boys and girls because the shocking truth about fat is?Your body NEEDS the stuff!

Stay Healthy!


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