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The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose


I have a mind like a steel trap. Stuff gets in there and WHAM! It never gets back out again.”

–Bill Austin

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Throughout my young and adult life I was flooded by commercials and “lectures” from my teachers and professors (as well as my parents) instilling in me that the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

As a physician and a man in my fifties I realize that memory weakens with the aging process and that not only is the mind a terrible thing to waste, it is a worse thing to lose!

Recent statistics are showing that memory loss leading to serious medical conditions is actually on the rise. This could be because some of us are living longer but equally it is that as the baby boomers get older simple percentage risks will heavily impact the population of individuals who will develop these conditions like age related memory decline and will continue to do so over the next twenty to thirty years.


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As this genre of people reach their sixties and seventies it is important to prevent not just try to treat the devastating effects of memory decline on both the aging patient, their family and our communities.

The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could not be more appropriate than when talking about memory decline and loss. Although currently and on the horizon there is much promise for reversal of these “loss of dignity” health issues, PREVENTION IS KEY.

So how then do we try and prevent such catastrophes?

The expression use it or lose it is true of the mind as well as the body. Learning to play a musical instrument, playing word or card games or any activity outside ones “normal” daily routine will surely help delay or avoid the processes involved in memory decline and loss.

Often our memory is not as deteriorated as we think but rather it is the lack of motivation to remember that is the issue – you know it as selective memory.

In addition, various herbs, minerals and vitamins have shown to be effective in both prevention and treatment of memory decline and loss when used as a nutritional supplement to mental exercise.

These two simple yet often under utilized interventions could mean the difference between functionality and oblivion in terms of our aging years. Regardless of the cause or causes of memory decline and loss environment, genetic or acquired, there is hope and help and here is how to obtain it…

  1. Perform mental exercises daily for at least 60 to 90 minutes. More may be better but less is not as beneficial.

  2. Avoid toxic substances and heavy metal exposure

  3. Get adequate healthy sleep.

  4. Physical exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week to increase blood and nutrient circulation to the brain.

  5. Discuss current medications with your physician as a possible source of memory decline. i.e. beta-blockers, sedatives, pain meds, and antihistamines etc.

  6. Decrease stress.

  7. Get a good night’s sleep every night and get all the sleep that you require.

  8. Deep breathing exercises have shown to increase mental alertness by improving the circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain.

  9. Laugh more and love more.

  10. Consider adopting a pet.

  11. Improve your diet—add raw foods, brown rice, fish, blueberries, brewers yeast and spinach.

  12. Take suggested minerals, vitamins and supplements.

Please note that no medication has been known to reverse the effects of memory decline and loss, they only delay the inevitable. Also note that even if you are currently taking prescription medication for a memory disorder, the following suggestions may also be helpful.


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NIACIN: (Vitamin B3) has been shown to have a significant effect on preserving and improving cognitive functioning. In addition it has positive effects on cholesterol which when are high can decrease the blood flow to the brain thus depriving it of oxygen as well as nutrition.

Niacin is found in high protein foods i.e. beef liver, chicken, tuna, salmon and ground beef.

B12: Low levels of this vitamin have been linked to poor memory Low levels are also associated with poor results in memory testing and that supplementation with B12 will improve memory in patients who are shown to have “normal” levels on blood testing.

VITAMIN C: An antioxidant has been shown to slow the progression of memory loss and other age related memory and cognitive decline, especially when combined with vitamin E.

FOLATE: (aka folic acid) 800 MCG of Folate daily has been shown to maintain as well as improve memory probably by reducing inflammation and normalizing homocysteine levels.

COPPER: Improves memory not only in humans but in computers as well!

SELENIUM: 200MCG has been shown to improve memory

BIOTIN: has been shown to maintain memory and perhaps protect against failing memory

MAGNESSIUM: is probably the most deficient mineral (due to poor diet or assimilation-poor absorption) in our body. It helps build bone, makes proteins, releases energy, restores muscle and helps regulate body temperature. In recent studies magnesium has been shown to help maintain memory in middle age and beyond. I recommend 400MG a day. It is abundant in green leafy vegetables.

Other supplements such as ginkgo biloba, phosphytidal serine and choline, DHEA, CoQ10 and many others have had promising effects as well. They are Also very effective in restoring and improving memory and cognition by working on different pathways in our body i.e. blood, tissue, circulation etc. They also have been shown to stabilize neurotransmitters within the brain.

Yours in good health,

Dr Mark Bartiss, M.D.

Best Life Herbals


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