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The Joys of Sexercise

Less than 30% of American seniors exercise on a regular basis. Why, I’m not sure, but it could be because they’re afraid that exercise is too strenuous at their age and they’ll get hurt.
But in reality, research shows us that the exact opposite is true. Exercise is good for all ages – and seniors can actually do far more damage to their health by not staying active than over exerting themselves EVER could.

And, senior citizens actually reap even more health benefits from regular physical activity than their younger counterparts do – a lot more!

At least those were the findings of a recent clinical study performed by Susie Woo M.D. and her team of researchers at the University of Washington, and the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Systems in Seattle.

They presented their findings in a recent issue of the Journal of The American College of Cardiology, and I really liked what they had to say…

Woo’s team tested 2 groups – one age 20 – 33. And a group of seniors age 65-79 both men and women. Every one tested hadn’t exercised in a year – but all of them were in good health (non smokers, ect…)


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Then researchers put the test subjects through a 6 month exercise program. Three days a week, 90 minutes per session the volunteers would walk, jog, bicycle and stretch.

And before, during and after each workout session researchers would test the subjects exercise efficiency. And I’ll tell you what – the results were impressive and very one sided.

Their findings showed that after completing the program the seniors group had increased their exercise efficiency by an amazing 30% — a dramatic improvement over the measly 2% seen in the younger test group!

A whopping 30% improvement in just 6 months mind you – and it gets even better!

More recently The National Institute on Aging (NIA) gathered together some of the top experts on exercise and aging, and they concluded that for the most part, when seniors lose the ability to do the normal activities of day to day life ( like SEX) – it’s not just due to aging.

In their expert opinions it was far more likely that they had become inactive over time and neglected physical activity and there bodies responded accordingly – basically by shutting down.

But the truth is, even if you’re sick, frail and/or elderly it’s never too late to enhance your life through simple exercise. And there are benefits a-plenty to be had if you’re just willing to sweat a little bit from time to time…

Thicker, Harder more responsive Erections
Increased energy levels to carry you through the day
An insatiable Libido that screams for more and more
Better muscle tone, improved strength and greater endurance
Stronger bones and tendons to help stave off osteoporosis
Healthy joints and ligaments for child like flexibility
You’ll look and feel years younger
And the sex, oh man the sex!!

Exercise can enrich your life in ways you never thought possible. Even if you’ve been sitting on your butt for years, it’s NEVER too late to improve your health and it’s especially never too late to give your sex life a good revving!

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And fear not, because exercise doesn’t have to be grueling. You can actually have a little fun in your spare time and improve your life at the same time.

Try walking your dog around your neighborhood instead of just letting him out in the back yard. Or you can grab a friend a take a brisk walk after dinner tonight. Your options are endless.

But the key is you have to do something every single day – your body needs to be reminded every day that you’re still alive and kicking and that you’re counting on it to carry you through for the long haul.

If you just give it that little push that it needs you’ll feel it pushing back in no time at all!

Prevents Falls and Improves Quality of Life

So what could do all that you ask – well exercise of course! At least those were the findings of a recent study conducted by Dr Mau-Roung Lin, at the Institute of Injury Prevention and Control, in Taiwan.

During the study seniors age 65 and older who’d suffered a fall in the previous 4 weeks requiring medical attention were assigned to one of three different fall prevention programs.

At the end of each program quality of life was assessed in each subject according to the guidelines set down by the World Health Organization – focusing on 4 specific parameters: physical capacity, psychological wellbeing, social relationships and environment.

And even though researchers noticed improvements in all the three groups – the results were significantly better in the exercise group.

Not only that – participants in the exercise training groups also showed improvements in reach, balance and reduced fear of falling. Improvements that were not seen in the other 2 control groups.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals
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