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The Healthy One That Got Away

Fish is hands down one of nature’s finest sources of protein (2nd only to eggs). The only problem is a lot of people today are shying away from sea food because they’re a little un-sure about the health risks associated with mercury and PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) contamination.
Well, today I have some good news for my fellow fisherman and fish lovers: The EPA (straight shooters in my opinion) have just released a report that fish is just fine for the majority of us to eat.

And the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis agreed with their findings – noting that the benefits of eating sea food far outweigh the risk of contamination.

They did however make it a point to caution expectant or breastfeeding mothers and small children.

The new research suggests that the anti-oxidants found in fish (selenium and Vitamin E) may actually reduce the mercury’s harmful effects, bringing it back into favor with the main stream majority.

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Not to mention fish tastes great – there’s about a 1000 different varieties to choose from and each one has its own unique taste. But if you’re still not convinced – here’s 4 more reasons to dig in:

#1) Protein Power

Fish is packed with muscle building protein yet it has almost no unhealthy saturated fat. A 3 oz cut of grilled salmon has about 19 grams of protein – vs. – just 2 grams of saturated fat. About a quarter of the amount found in beef or pork…

Not to mention fish is loaded with the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids your body needs to function at maximum capacity.

#2) Think Straight

I recently read about a study in the Archives of Neurology that observed elderly people who at fish ate least once a week did better on memory tests.  And found that they showed a 10% slower decline in their mental faculties each year as they aged.

And that’s eating fish just one day a week — not a bad ROI (return on investment)!

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#3) Simple and Versatile

Fish and other types of seafood are delicious and versatile. Grilled…broiled…or sautéed in a pan…you can’t go wrong with fresh seafood. There are as many ways to prepare it as there are varieties of fish in the sea. And I suggest trying them all!

You can even do like I did and get your hands on a cookbook that specializes in seafood recipes. That way you’ll never run out of fresh ideas.

#4) Thrill of the Hunt

An afternoon in the sun with your rod and reel – what could be better?

Depending on where you live the fresh catch of the day could be as close as a quick trip to the local pier. Sun on your face…fresh air…and a nice hearty meal to cap it all off. And it always tastes better when you catch it yourself.

Want to feel like a real cave man – well this is the way my friend. Waking up early catching some food then cook it over a fire – that’s how men were meant to eat. Try it – you’ll see!

The balls in your court now…fish on!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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