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The Good, the Bad and Bacteria

Most people have no idea they’re walking around with trillions (about 4lbs.) of bacteria swimming around in their intestines at any given time. Let alone, the crucial influence they have on their health.

Our intestinal tracts are brimming with an unimaginable number of good bacteria known as probiotics.
The term probiotic comes from the Greek term “for life”. And our bodies are designed to work in harmony with these “good” bacteria for digestion and a number of other key bodily functions.

So for your health’s sake it’s imperative that you maintain a healthy balance between these “good” and “bad” bacteria.

If the number of good bacteria in your system is too low, which can happen for a number of reasons — your body will not function properly. And over the long term you could be facing a number of much more serious health problems…

Irregularity …vitamin deficiency…bad skin…even smelly breath!

Scientists and researchers have just recently started studying the benefits of bolstering these helpful bacteria. And even though their research is still in its infancy — along the way they’ve discovered some very significant health benefits to critical bodily functions:

1) Digestion: having a healthy balance of good bacteria allows for almost total absorption of vital nutrients during digestion. Increasing your overall nutrition and enhancing new cell growth.

2) Healing: probiotic bacteria have been shown to strengthen your immune system, help alleviate the symptoms of certain allergies and even kill some very nasty viruses and parasites.

3) Absorption: having the right balance of healthy micro-flora helps your body produce crucial enzymes that increase the nutritional availability of certain vitamins and minerals, like vitamins B, K and calcium.

4) Regularity: with the proper balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract, diarrhea and constipation can both be normalized quickly.

5) Detox: by latching onto the inner walls of the intestines, probiotics help clean the walls of the intestines by removing toxic build up. Allowing your body to safely dispose of these potentially debilitating toxins.


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Also worth mentioning, are the esthetic benefits of a clean colon and smooth running intestinal tract, such as a significant reduction in bad breath and persistent body odor.

Neither one is life threatening, but both could be detrimental to your personal life!

And recently there was an article in the New York Times that made the correlation between obesity and a disruption in the balance of healthy micro-flora. Which could help explain why some folks just can’t lose weight.

Now even though much of the research I’ve mentioned is still in its infancy, the benefits of these little bacteria are hard to ignore. And it doesn’t take much of an imagination to think what the flip side of this coin could be if that delicate balance were ever disrupted.

Problem is, if you eat the typical American diet – it probably already way out of wack.

Fortunately bolstering the growth of these good bacteria is fairly simple. If you just follow this quick little list of simple do’s and don’ts, you’ll be able to bring your body back to its natural healthy balance in no time at all…


  • eat foods covered in chemicals or pesticides, buy only organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
  • drink tap water, the chlorine added to our water supplies kills bacteria, even the good bacteria. Drink only purified water when ever possible.
  • drink excessively, alcohol can kill probiotic bacteria and promote the growth of other harmful bacteria.
  • consume too many sugary foods, or foods made from grains like bread or pasta. Both feed the bad bacteria that promote sickness and disease.


  • drink raw un-pasteurized cow’s milk when ever possible. It’s brimming with countless helpful probiotic bacteria — not to mention it fits perfectly into our cave man lifestyle.
  • avoid anti-biotics when ever possible, unfortunately they’re unable to distinguish between good and bad bacteria and they can literally wipe out your supply of probiotics.
  • avoid stress whenever possible. Too much stress or an illness can seriously disrupt your internal balance of good and bad bacteria.

And the biggest “do” I can recommend for anyone trying to optimize their balance of probiotic bacteria is a high quality probiotic supplement. You can find them at most any health food store — but don’t skimp!

Talk to someone knowledgeable and make sure you’re getting the best probiotic available. Because proboitic bacterial feed on micro-organisms and that includes each other.

This continuous fight for survival ensures that no one strain of bacteria will take over and throw off your natural internal balance.

So talk to someone who knows the product to ensure sure you’re not getting a bottle of dead bacteria. The best supplements cost a little more, but the results are well worth it.

This is just one more crucial step in our quest to live for at least 100 healthy years. Try it out today and tell me how you feel.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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