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The Essential Male Nutrient

The essential male nutrient

The essential male nutrientZinc – it’s so essential it’s found in almost every cell in the human body. There are copious amounts of Zinc in both your red and white blood cells, bones, retinas and your kidneys – and they all need massive amounts of Zinc to function properly.

Recently a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic showed that supplementing with Zinc could actually cut the duration of a cold in half.
And Zinc has also been shown to bolster the strength of teeth and bones by increasing the rate of calcium absorption. And new research shows that Zinc works as a powerful anti-oxidant helping fight back the ravages of old age.

So obviously anyone that’s not getting enough Zinc in their diet can expect a slew of serious health problems.

But with all that being said – the benefits of Zinc are even more crucial for us men. Because Zinc is the “essential male nutrient” working to safe guard two of our most valuable possessions – our sex lives and our precious prostates.

The mechanic of which we are just now beginning to understand – here’s what I mean.

The Man’s Mineral:

Your Prostate – Zinc is hands down the most important nutrient in your prostate. Zinc is more abundant in the male prostate than in any other organ in the body – and uses about 10 times more of the nutrient than any other organ.

If Your Current Prostate Supplement Doesn’t Contain This One Vital Super Food You’re Throwing Your Hard Earned Money Right Down the Toilet!

Research has shown it to be 200% stronger than the formula you’re using now and it’s the only supplement I’ve found that can offer 100% Total relief for all your embarrassing prostate concerns. If you’re over the age of 35 you need to make it apart of your daily regimen Today!

Just follow this think to read all about how this ancient super food has vaulted men’s prostate treatments in to the 21st century:


Clinical studies have shown us that Zinc deficiencies are a major contributor to prostate enlargement – and that an enlarged prostate contains significantly less Zinc than found in a healthy one.

And by adding Zinc to your diet you’ll reduce your chances of ever developing an enlarged prostate. And if you’re already feeling the pain and swelling associated with an enlarged prostate, Zinc can also help alleviate your symptoms.

Your Sex Life – Just adding a little Zinc to your daily nutritional regimen can increase your chances of achieving a quality erections and super charge your libido all in one shot.

Zinc has a hand in almost every aspect of a man’s sexual performance – affecting everything from healthy testosterone production to sperm count.

Even a minor deficiency can lead to “shrinkage” of the male genitalia, decreased testosterone production and a low sperm count. All things no man wants or needs – so supplementation is critical.

Studies have shown that supplementing with Zinc increases testosterone production in men – even those with just a minor deficiency. And as you already know testosterone is essentially what makes us men.

Zinc in my opinion is the most powerful pro-sexual substance a man can take, and the best part is, supplementing with Zinc only costs pennies a week.

Ever wonder how why China has a population of over 1.3 billion people? Well I’ll tell you why – they’ve literally transformed men’s herbal potency supplements into an art form. Even modern prescription medication can’t hold a candle to their most sacred formulations. But there’s no need to be jealous – if you can’t beat them, join them.

Just follow this link and learn how:


You’ve heard me say before that a quality multi-vitamin is the foundation on which a healthy balanced lifestyle is built – and here’s yet another valid reason.

The multi I use is formulated specifically for men by Best Life Herbals – and I absolutely swear by it.

It’s called The Men’s Daily and in my opinion it’s hands down the best multi on the market.

On top of providing you with all the essential vitamins and minerals your body requires for optimum health (including 45 mgs. of Zinc 300% more than your average multi) Men’s Daily also contains the proper mix of herbs and nutraceuticals your body needs for a healthy robust sex life and a smooth functioning prostate.

But if you’re not big on supplements (even though you should be) or if you’re already happy with your current formula – Mother Nature has provided us with some pretty tasty food options to help us meet our requirements.

All dark red meats contain high amounts of Zinc as do peanuts, peanut butter, cheese and legumes.

And with everything Zinc has to offer – I think it’s worth the effort to force down a nice juicy steak or two every now and then. It’s a small price to pay for a long healthy life and a lifetime of great sex.

Try it out for a few weeks and let me know how it goes – I’ll bet you’ll be thanking me.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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