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The “Blue” Solution for Varicose Veins

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Even if you don’t have them yet – you’re going to want to print this article out and keep it in a safe place because there’s a good chance you’ll need it one day.

Varicose Veins or Spider Veins are a common disorder that effect about 15% of men and upwards of 25% of all women nation wide.

For most Varicose Veins are little more a cosmetic concern usually effecting the veins in the legs and feet – but in some cases these gnarled veins can cause aching pains and severe discomfort.

And sometimes this unsightly condition can be a sign of more serious problems to come such as high blood pressure and other debilitating cardiovascular conditions.

But no matter how you slice it Varicose Veins are without a doubt something that none of us wants or needs.

Just this weekend I was sitting by the pool talking to my mom over a few tasty frozen cocktails and they were all she could talk about.

I don’t care that I’m 30 lbs heavier than I was in high school, gray hair I could care less, even the wrinkles don’t bother me anymore. But if I had one wish I’d wish I could get rid of these damn spider veins!”

Well mom (she’s one of my most loyal readers) just like I promised I did a little research over the weekend and as it turns out Varicose Veins can be diminished and even totally eliminated.


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All it takes is a little persistence and a few minor yet tasty little additions to your diet and you can say bye bye to those unsightly veins forever.

And the best part is once these changes have been set in motion not only will your feet, legs and hands look years younger but you can also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and improve your eyesight in the process.

The little blue miracles I’m referring to are blueberries – and all it takes is a cup a day for the next few months and you can just sit back and watch those gnarled enlarged veins vanish right before your very eyes.

Blueberries contain anthocyanins, super powerful anti-oxidants that give these delicious berries their blue coloring. But they also serve to help strengthen the structural integrity of weakening blood vessels.

This action helps reduce the prominence of varicose veins leaving your legs and feet young looking and pain free.

Not a bad trade off considering Blueberries are a welcome addition to so many different dishes.

Other dark colored fruits have also been shown to offer some measure of relief from these unsightly veins – but they don’t pack quite the same punch as plain old blueberries.

But if Blueberries aren’t your cup of tea, I can’t make you eat them so you could always try blackberries, black raspberries, black currants, chokeberries, cherries, red cabbage or even red wine.

Just remember to be vigilant though – it took years of wear and tear on your poor overworked legs for this unsightly problem to surface.

And it’s not going to go away overnight. But with a little perseverance a few months from now you could looking at a whole new set of legs.

Stay Healthy!



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Sex: If You See Smoke There’s NO Fire

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It goes without saying that smoking is bad for you – but did you know it’s also one of the single biggest sexual roadblocks a man can encounter?

According to a recent study conducted by The American Journal of Epidemiology on average men who smoke have a 41% greater risk of developing erectile failure than men who don’t.

And according to their findings there was a direct correlation between how much the men smoked and their chances of developing erectile problems as compared to non-smokers.

According to their research the men in the study who smoked 10 butts a day had a 27% greater risk of erectile failure as compared to the non-smokers.

Those that smoked 11-20 cigs a day had a 45% failure rate and the men that dared smoke a pack a day or more had a 65% greater chance of seeing their sex life slip right through their finger tips.

So for goodness sake if you smoke…QUIT NOW!!

Stay Healthy!


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