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The 6 Pillars for a Strong Healthy Heart

“The greatest wealth is health.”


They’re 5 words you NEVER want to hear your doctor utter…”You have high blood pressure”.

As soon as the words leave his mouth you have visions of medicine cabinets filled to the rim with expensive prescription meds or flashes of you clutching your chest in the middle of the night waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

Then you just sit there with a blank stare on your face thinking to yourself…”Well, now what?!”

And after a few minutes of silence your worst fears are finally realized – as your doctor pulls out his trusty pad and writes you a prescription for some crazy medication you can’t even pronounce.

Because let’s face it – doctors with a leg up on the natural side of the healing process are about as rare as the Woolly Mammoth.

They have NO knowledge what-so-ever of Mother Nature’s absolute best, all natural, side effect free options to popular prescription heart medications.

A Basket of Natural Options:

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, it really doesn’t matter. There are safer more natural options that really work right at your finger tips.

You just have to know where to look…


Is The Silent Killer Stalking You?

Could it be causing you headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sexual troubles, shortness of breath, feelings of confusion and frequent nighttime urination without your knowledge? If you answered yes…

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Nattokinase: The 1,000 year old Samurai Secret to life long heart health. This powerful enzyme has been shown to increase oxygen levels in the blood stream, support good circulatory health and in one clinical study it was shown to dissolve blood clots up to 50% faster than the prescription alternative.

Schisandra Berry: Has been shown in numerous clinical studies to help improve circulation to all the organs and other extremities including your sex organ.

Hawthorne Berry: Part of the rose family – Hawthorne Berry has been used since ancient times to treat ailments such as anxiety and problems sleeping.

More recently though this powerful herb extract has been shown to help strengthen the walls of the arteries, lower high blood pressure and reduce the symptoms of an irregular heart beat.

Red Rice Yeast: A powerful natural statin (unlike dangerous chemically based prescription statins) that naturally rids your body of cholesterol build up.

Policosanol: Derived from the wax of sugarcane – the active substances in Policosanol have been shown to have a direct effect on the liver cells that control and manufacture cholesterol.

Policosanol has also been shown to be an effective tool to remove plaque from the heart and arteries to prevent cholesterol build up.

Niacinamide: Just like supplementing with Niacin, Niacinamide has been shown to help support better circulation throughout the body. But the one major difference is it won’t leave your body feeling red and flushed.

Arm Yourself With Solutions:

The truth is heart problems can happen at anytime – that why it’s called the silent killer.

And to me it’s no surprise – most guys I know take better care of the car’s engine than they do with their body’s engine.

Because in the end good health hinges on just one little thing…Action. And I urge you to take it today!

Stay Healthy!



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Arm Yourself With Healthy Solutions

-Doc Darville

After Louis told me what he was writing about for today’s Journal I was really excited when I ran across this recent study published by INTERMAP Cooperative Research Group that concluded that eating vegetables can actively lower high blood pressure levels.

During the study researchers from the Imperial College in London, Northwest University in Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, the University of North Carolina, Japan and China measured the vegetable protein intakes, systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels (8 times at 4 different sessions) and took 2 urine samples from 4,680 test subjects age 40 – 59 living in 4 different countries.

What they found was a significant inverse relationship between vegetable protein intake and high blood pressure.

How big a difference are we talking about here – How about a -2.14 drop in mm Hg systolic and -1.35 mm drop in Hg diastolic blood pressure levels?!

Not necessarily a cure unto itself – but significant enough to mention. Especially when you consider theses improvements occurred without any additional changes to their diets or exercise routines.

Unfortunately the researchers couldn’t draw the same conclusions for the consumption of animal protein. But you can’t have it your way all the time I guess.

So take it from a guy that’s had 3 heart attacks – take good care of your heart and your heart is going to take care of you.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals


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