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The #1 Reason Why People Have Sex

The #1 Reason Why People Have Sex

The #1 Reason Why People Have SexThere’s nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can over come that.”
–Lewis Grizzard

Well, according to a recent peer review study published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior the #1 Reason that people have sex is, drum roll please…
BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD!! Big surprise huh? Yeah I kinda saw that one coming too.

Sure the expression of love and showing affection made the top 10 – but they couldn’t even hold a candle to the clear winner. Good old physical pleasure.

Some said they’d had sex to “help them fall asleep”, others did it to “return a favor” a few people even did it because “someone dared them”.

But overall the #1 reason people have sex is because it’s pleasurable. But the real question is what did I learn from this study?

Well, a lot actually – first off it broke through a few of the stereotypes I had about men, women and sex.

The most notable being that women only have sex when they’re in love and that men only have sex for physical pleasure.

I guess when it comes to sex were a lot more alike than I originally thought.

Another thing that caught my attention was almost nobody mentioned all the significant health benefits of having copious amounts of sex.

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Because like I’ve said before Sex is one of the single healthiest activities a person can take part in.

It’s therapeutic for both the mind and the body, it’s an excellent way to burn a few extra calories, simply put sex does a body good.

So with that being said today I thought I’d come up with my own little list. And here it is – 8 Healthy Reasons why you should love having sex.

And don’t worry – it won’t take any of the fun out of it. I promise…

1. Testosterone: Having an orgasm urges your body produce more testosterone. And more testosterone not only helps you have better orgasms but it makes you manlier. It helps strengthen bone, build and support lean muscle mass and powers a healthy functioning heart. Testosterone is essentially what makes men manly.

2. Sex-ercise: On top of being a top notch appetite suppressant sex also helps burn calories and melts away excess fat. As an exercise, good sex burns off more calories per minute than a brisk game of tennis. And you don’t have to buy special shoes.

3. Heart Health: In a study conducted by Queens University, researchers concluded that having sex thee or more times a week reduced a man’s risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%.

4. A Powerful Immune System: Researchers at Wilkes University discovered that men who had sex at least once or twice a week showed higher concentrations of the essential antibody Immunoglobulin A – a substance shown to boost your immune system and accelerate healing.

5. DHEA: Is another critical hormone that’s affected by your sexual activity. Right before you orgasm the DHEA levels in your body will climb several times higher than normal. And, DHEA has been shown to improve brain function, boost your immune system and promote healthy looking skin and good cardiovascular health.

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6. Prostate Health: There’s a definite relationship between frequency of ejaculation and the overall health of your prostate. A recent study published in the British Journal of Urology International explains that men in their 20’s can reduce their risk of prostate issues by ejaculating more than 5 times a week.

7. Super Pain Killer: When you have an orgasm it releases your body’s natural store of endorphins which increases your tolerance for pain substantially. So if you suffer from constant migraine headaches, soreness or even degenerative joint pain – try a quick roll in the hay along with your regular pain medication (assuming you’re not in public). You’ll notice an immediate difference.

8. Stress Buster: An accelerated heart beat, increased blood flow, and the contraction of just about every muscle in your body – then it all comes to a screeching halt at that one beautiful moment of orgasm. This explosive process rips the tension out of every cell in your body and relaxes you to the very core. It’s one of those few beautiful moments in life you’re able to let it all go. Nothings wrong and everything is right in the world – for a little while at least.

So be honest, now that you’ve read all that you probably feel a little bit silly for just thinking of sex as a fun way to spend an evening don’t you? No you don’t you liar!!!

But at the very least I hope I’ve shown you how critically important regular sex is to a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Because the truth is, it doesn’t matter how old you are – your body craves sex.

And if I accomplish just one thing in my life – I’m going to have as much Sex as humanly possible and then I’m going to have a little more! So who’s with me?

Good – you’ll be glad you did.

Stay Healthy!


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