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Ten Easy Tips to Help You Slim Down Naturally

I often see patients who are frustrated about weight loss. They try the pills, diets and plans that promise rapid results, but once their willpower gives out, they crash and burn.

I’ve found one method of weight management works for most people. And it’s because it makes weight loss automatic. If you cultivate a few simple habits to eat less and burn more calories, you’ll lose weight.

So here are my top ten tips to get rid of those stubborn pounds – and keep them off for good.

It’s Not Just What You Eat

To lose weight, how you eat can be almost as important as what you eat. Try these calorie-cutting tricks:

  • Don’t Eat in Front of the TV: British researchers discovered that watching TV during a meal leads to more snacking later.1
  • Put Your Fork Down Between Bites: It takes a few minutes for your brain to realize when you’re “full.” Putting your fork down after each bite makes you eat more slowly. You’ll eat less, too. UK psychologists tested this trick – and it works.2
  • Use a Smaller Plate: We Americans seem to hate empty space on our plates. Using a smaller plate provides the visual satisfaction of a full plate while controlling portion size.

These simple habits can help you trim your waistline. But good food choices are important, too. The trick is to make these choices easy.

Drop Pounds, Not Satisfaction

Eating well doesn’t have to be boring. Here are a few ways enjoy cutting calories:

  • Eat Protein for Breakfast: Swap your cereal or toast for a couple of eggs. You’ll feel fuller longer, burn more energy and eat less. Harvard scientists have reviewed the studies, and protein comes out on top as a “diet food.”3
  • Skip the Latte: When the Today Show surveyed these popular drinks, the worst on their list topped out at nearly 1,800 calories. That’s like drinking more than four liters of Coca-Cola! Treat yourself to a flavored coffee or a small cappuccino instead.
  • Get Your Dressing on the Side: Restaurants tend to drown salads in high-calorie dressing. Simply ask for your dressing on the side. Dip each bite into just a little dressing, and you’ll get the flavor without all the calories.
  • Snack on Nuts, Not Chips: A handful of nuts (raw, unsalted) is satisfying, tasty and far healthier than chips. And the protein fills you up faster, too.
  • Drink More Water: Studies show we don’t eat less when we drink high-calorie drinks than when we drink no-calorie drinks.5 So swap out sodas and juice drinks in favor of water.

Mealtimes let you cut calories. But now let’s look at a couple of easy ways to burn them.

Boost Your Weight Loss Easily

Exercise programs often fail because “exercise” is hard. But walking is both easy and natural. Here are two ways to add a little healthy (and calorie-burning) walking to your day:

  • Take the Stairs: Forget elevators and escalators. Not only is climbing stairs healthier, it’s often faster than waiting for the elevator to arrive.
  • Park Away From the Door: Why waste gas and time circling the mall parking lot like a vulture? Just park further from the entrance, get out and walk.

Add all these easy habits together, and you could lose a pound or more every week – practically without trying. But if you’d like a little help getting started, I have one more tip for you.

Eat Less, Weigh Less

For many people, getting their appetite under control is the biggest challenge to losing weight. If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to take the edge off your hunger, then I recommend Bestlife Herbal’s Hoodia.

Used by southern Africa’s San people for thousands of years, hoodia effectively suppresses your appetite. Best of all, it’s 100% natural – and has no side effects. It’s as close to a magic bullet as weight loss has ever come.

Losing weight is easier when you don’t have to work at it. Using these tips, you can finally drop those extra pounds simply, safely and naturally.

Stay Healthy!

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
Best Life Herbals
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