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Talking About my De-Generation

We may with advantage forget what we know.”


In my younger days I can remember joking around that when I hit 60 – whether I really had or not I was going to pretend I was losing my mind.

The whole idea was I’d be able to act as crazy as I wanted to and still get away with it.

For instance maybe one day I’d go out to throw away the trash – and I wouldn’t be found until days later in some little cantina in Mexico.

Or I’d be able to tell my grandchildren crazy stories like about the time I invented the internet or the helicopter or something crazy like that.

Basically I was thinking that I’d be able get away with anything and everything under the sun without consequence and I’d probably never have to take out the garbage ever again either!

But that was way back then and this is now – and as I fully immersed myself into my new life as a senior citizen I’ve come to realize that degenerative memory loss, loss of clarity and confusion are nothing to be joked about.

They’re nasty conditions to say the least and the crippling symptoms that accompany these degenerative conditions can be as much physical as they are mental.


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Anytime drastic changes occur in the brain the symptoms can be debilitating including everything from short and long term memory loss, to severe mood swings, and loss of reasoning, even difficulties learning and communicating.

It’s estimated that nearly 5% of seniors over the age of 65 suffer from severe degenerative memory loss. And a whopping 10% suffer from a more moderate form of the condition. And as we age those numbers only get worse.

And this can have a severe impact on every aspect of your life, your career and of course your social and family life.

So what can we do to protect ourselves from this attack on our precious grey matter?

Well, unfortunately there is no sure fire solution as of now. But by taking a naturopathic approach and focusing our body’s inner workings we can at least turn our attention to improvement and prevention.

For instance chronic degenerative mental disorders have been linked to oxidative damage like those caused by free radicals.

So treatments with therapeutic amounts of anti-oxidants (especially vitamin E) have shown positive results in the preventative stages of their development.

There have also been numerous studies that have shown supplementing with Ginkgo Biloba Extract could have great benefit in preventing and treating various forms of degenerative memory loss.

But even more crucial than treatment is prevention – and modern research suggests that avoiding exposure to aluminum (at all costs) is one of the most crucial steps.

There’s a great deal of evidence supporting a correlation between chronic exposure to aluminum and a whole slew of degenerative mental disorders.

The most common sources of aluminum exposure come from our water supply, food sources, pots, pans and deodorants – things you either use or consume just about every day.

But there are alternatives. Like I don’t recommend cutting out your deodorant – especially if you have a job that requires you to be around other people.

You can however buy an all natural aluminum free variety at you local health food store for just about the same price.

We can avoid tap water and drink bottled water instead. And it really does taste so much better.

If you’re not thoroughly washing your fruits and veggies before you cook them – you should start now. You don’t even want to know what they spray on that stuff!

And if you’re currently cooking with aluminum pots and pans throw them out NOW.


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Talk to any chef and they’ll tell you for quality sake you should be cooking with stainless steal pots and pans anyways. Couple that with the safety issues involved and I think it’s worth investing in a new set of cookware.

There are also certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids your body needs to support healthy brain and circulatory function. So you might want to consider an all natural memory enhancement product like our all new Memory Spray:

And of course you have to make sure you’re doing your mental exercises every day like reading, writing, painting or even a quick crossword puzzle.

Just as long as you’re using your head muscle on a regular basis it should be enough to keep your faculties sharp and your mind clear and focused.

Think about it, if all you do is eat, watch T.V. and sleep your mental faculties are bound to slip – just like your physical abilities would deteriorate if you didn’t use your muscles regularly.

So stay sharp – or you never know YOU could be the one that’s discovered days later in that little cantina in Mexico.

Stay Healthy!


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