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Strong Healthy Bones? Simple!

Want Strong Healthy Bones? Simple!

Simple Secrets for Strong, Healthy Bones

It’s one of the most common health problems women face. It’s also one of the most avoidable health problems women face.

“It” is weak, brittle bones. Eight out of 10 sufferers are women. And half of all women suffer a broken bone – or worse – because of it. But you don’t have to be one of them.

Research suggests if you get the bone-building nutrients your body needs, you can enjoy a full and active life well into the future. Studies show a relationship between these nutrients and bone health. But the benefits may reach much further.

For example, a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine links adequate vitamin D levels to a lower risk of death from all causes.1

Part of that lowered risk is probably due to fewer falls. Several studies have shown healthy levels of vitamin D translate to a lower risk of falling among mature adults.2

But one of vitamin D’s most important jobs is helping your body absorb calcium.

Calcium, of course, is the main bone-building mineral. But what many people don’t know is that your bones go through a continual rebuilding process. Your body constantly breaks down old bone and replaces it with new bone. That’s why getting plenty of calcium is as important when you’re 60 as it was when you were 16.

It’s also one reason getting plenty of vitamin D is so important. If you’re getting enough calcium, but not enough vitamin D, your body won’t be able to keep up with the breakdown of bone.

And most adults don’t get enough vitamin D. Studies suggest less than 3 in 10 Americans have healthy levels of vitamin D. To put it another way, there’s a 70% chance you’re not getting enough vitamin D.

This helps explain why so many women suffer with weak, brittle bones.

But all the vitamin D in the world won’t help your bones unless your body can convert it into its active form. To do this, you need a key mineral. Every enzyme involved in activating vitamin D needs magnesium.

Plus, most of the magnesium in your body is used in your bone structure. So it’s no surprise that research shows lower magnesium intake is linked to lower bone density.4

Another mineral that may play a key role in promoting healthy bones has been largely overlooked. It’s the trace mineral boron.

The link between boron and bone health hasn’t been studied much in humans. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) performed a small study several years ago.

Diets low in boron are common. Doctors don’t worry about this, because boron isn’t considered an essential mineral. But in this study of mature women, boron made a big difference.

Women with a low boron diet lost less calcium and magnesium after taking a boron supplement.5 The USDA team pointed out this change is consistent with slowed bone loss.

You can easily cut your risk of weak, brittle bones… and the broken bones that can result.

• Stay active. Weight bearing exercise triggers the bone-building process. And you don’t need high-impact activities like basketball or jogging to get the benefit. A brisk walk is just as effective.

• Take it easy on the salt. A high salt intake is linked to a higher risk of bone factures. Although salt doesn’t seem to affect bone density, it does appear to weaken your bones.

• Get enough protein. Studies show lean protein promotes bone strength. And a 175# adult only needs a little over 2 ounces of protein a day.

• Don’t smoke. Smoking contributes to lower bone density and boosts your risk of broken bones. Quitting appears to reverse some of the risk.

• Kick the cola habit. Colas – both regular and diet – contain chemicals that rob your body of potassium, which is essential for healthy bones.

• Take a good bone supplement. It isn’t easy to get enough of the right nutrients for bone health. A good nutritional supplement can help.

That’s why I designed Women’s Formula Osteo D-Fend with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and boron. Because all four nutrients are key to maintaining good bone health. And healthy bones are key to maintaining your independence. You’ll find it at

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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