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Solving Your Digestive Nightmares

On one end of the spectrum you can console yourself with the knowledge that everybody’s had them at one time or another.

But unfortunately for many Americans constant digestive problems – or the loss of proper digestive function is an everyday part of life that they are forced to live with.
The most likely culprit being our modern diet – fresh fruits, vegetables and lean healthy meats have been replaced by processes, packaged, deep fried, chemically laden foods that have little or no place in a healthy eating regimen.

It’s estimated that around 60 – 70 million Americans suffer from some type of constant digestive illness – that includes a whopping 25 million people that suffer from daily stomach pain.

In 2002 alone nearly 234,000 deaths were attributed to some type of treatable digestive disorder – problems that probably could have been avoided if only a few simple precautionary steps been taken to prevent these digestive catastrophes.

For example – 121 of those deaths were caused by simple constipation alone – a problem most folks have no idea can turn life threatening. But it can – and quick.

Unfortunately the symptoms of a serious digestive illness can start very small and in many cases simply fly under the radar until of course their just to severe to ignore.

Minor annoyances like gas, bloating, pimples, body odor, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, heart burn, nausea and irritated bowels – when left unchecked can quickly snowball into a very serious health concern…

… like severe allergies and food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, accelerated aging, loss of sexual desire and function and in the most severe cases complete toxic overload!

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But like I alluded to earlier there are steps you can take to protect yourself from a full on digestive nightmare.

One of the most important is diet – eating healthy nutritious foods is the #1 way to avoid most all digestive problems. But, sometimes even a nutritious diet isn’t enough to quell a dysfunctional digestive tract.

So if in spite of your best dietary efforts you’re still forced to fight a constant battle with your distressed stomach – I’ve compiled a list of some of the best all natural remedies available for fighting back the ravages of your digestive woes – and this stuff goes way beyond adding a little more fiber to your diet:

1) Eat Your Protein First – protein requires hydrochloric acid from your stomach acid in order to digest properly where as carbohydrates don’t. So if you eat your salad or potato before you eat your meat the protein will remain almost completely undigested and begin to rot. So by simply eating your salad last and your meat first (instead of the usual other way around) you can avoid a whole host of digestive problems and safe guard your long term digestive health.

2) Helpful Enzymes – certain fruits contain helpful enzymes that can bolster our body’s digestive process and help in detoxifying our bowels. Fruits like papayas, grapes, lemons, apples, oranges, prunes and bananas when added to your daily eating regimen can help maintain regularity, reduce gas, bloating and indigestion.

3) Friendly Flora – our bodies are brimming with literally trillions of healthy bacteria known as pro-biotic bacteria. These helpful bacteria play a hand in almost every facet of the digestive process – everything from digestion and nutrient extraction to detoxifying the body. Unfortunately though these healthy bacteria are under a constant assault from the toxic environment we live in – but you can bolster them by simply taking a high quality pro-biotic supplement that can be found at most any health food store.

4) Lack of Exercise – chronic constipation and a host of other digestive disorders have been attributed to simple inactivity. Any exercise will do – but specifically squatting has been shown to stimulate Apana Vayu (downward air movement) to help relieve gas and stimulate the passage of potentially rotting fecal matter.

5) Drink More Water – simply drinking more water can ease many common digestive concerns quickly and easily. Water acts as your body’s natural lubricant and by keeping your body fully hydrated you can help insure proper elimination of waste and aid your body in the elimination of harmful toxins.

6) Chew Your Food – there’s nothing I love better than giving out Mom’s time tested wisdom – and once again Mom was ahead of her time. Because chewing your food more not only breaks the food down into smaller pieces that are easier to digest. But the saliva in your mouth also contains special enzymes that aids in digestion and by chewing your food more frequently you disperse more of that enzyme throughout the food particles making life much easier for your digestive tract.

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7) Herbal Supplements – there are a host of herbs and natural plant extracts that have been clinically show to alleviate the pain of gas, indigestion, severe bloating and even clean and detoxify your bowels. One of the best ones I’ve come across is Colo-Cleanse It’s the only formulation I’ve tested that not only bolsters your bowel health and regularity but also cleans and detoxifies your entire digestive tract.

Sounds simple enough right? And I think once you start to see how much more efficiently your body functions when you digestive system is running full boar and your body is cleansed of the harmful parasites and toxins that have been slowing you down you’ll want to do even more.

Your digestive health affects so many different facets of your health you might be amazed to find out how much energy you actually have, or how clean and healthy looking your skin can be and especially how strong vigorous you libido still is.

They vanish so slow over such a long period of time you almost become accustomed to living without them – but as quick as they left they can return.

And believe me – you’ll notice them when they’re back!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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