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Solving A Woman’s Special Sleep Concerns

Solving A Woman's Special Sleep Concerns

Dear Health-conscious Friend,

A Woman’s Special Sleep Concerns… and How to Solve Them

As a doctor, I’m the first to admit women have it tougher than men in many ways. The differences that enable you to bear children also create special health concerns. So you probably don’t want to hear about one more.

But this one is vital to your health. And the chances are slim you’ve heard the full story anywhere else.

I’m talking about sleep. The latest research shows a woman’s sleep needs are different from a man’s. And women run far higher health risks than men if you don’t get the sleep you need.

In the next few moments, I’ll lay out for you why sleep is so important… a woman’s special concerns about sleep… and a simple solution that can help ensure you get all the sleep you need to promote a long, healthy life.

Sleep: Nature’s Master Rejuvenator

You’ve probably heard many times that sleep boosts alertness, energy, and mood. But here are a few of sleep’s other key benefits:

Sleep helps you control your weight. It’s easier to get – and stay – trim when you’re getting enough sleep.

Sleep promotes healthy blood pressure levels. People who sleep poorly tend to see rises in blood pressure, too.

A good night’s rest boosts your immune system. Chances are you’ll be less sick – and less often – when you’re sleeping well.

Sleep is linked to urinary tract health. People who sleep well are less likely to suffer with bladder problems.

Sleeping well supports a leaner body. So you don’t just look trimmer; you look sexier, too.

The University of Wisconsin reports sleeping well consistently cuts your risk of death from all causes by two thirds!

Eating well is important. Staying active provides many benefits, too. But getting a good night’s sleep, night after night, promotes good health like nothing else.

That’s where the problem comes in. Because millions of people – especially women – aren’t getting the sleep they need.

And here’s why you should be concerned…

Sleep Problems Hit Women More Often Than Men – and a Whole Lot Harder

The National Sleep Foundation reports women are about 17% more likely than men to suffer with sleep problems. More than 40 million American women have trouble getting – or staying – asleep a few nights a week.1

Recent research also shows women need more sleep than men. So you ladies are hit with a double whammy.

Because a lack of sleep hits you a lot harder than it hits men.

Researchers at Duke University discovered that women are much more likely to suffer with morning moodiness … heart problems… an interruption of blood flow to areas of the brain… and systemic irritation.2

Systemic irritation is linked to many of the health problems we think of as a part of aging. So, in effect, a sleeping poorly accelerates the aging process. And it hits women hardest.

But there’s also good news. You don’t have to be one of the 40 million women whose health is at risk because of poor sleep.

In fact, you can sleep like a baby again… night after night after night.

Defeat All the Reasons You Can’t Sleep

You may have trouble sleeping for any number of reasons. A racing mind … a hormonal imbalance… stress… No one approach can deal with them all. But the right combination of herbs and nutrients can.

For example, if you’re anxious, passionflower is very calming. Modern research shows it’s calming effect promotes gently drifting off to sleep.3

Animal studies show another herb – peppermint – has a direct calming effect on the nervous system, relaxes the stomach, and even helps dull pain.4

If your mind races when you go to bed, you can help slow it down with GABA – a calming neurotransmitter. Test tube studies also show lemon balm blocks activity of the enzyme that converts GABA into glutamate, a chemical that speeds your brain up.5

Other herbs, such as valerian, have a solid track record. In a Swedish study, 89% of people taking valerian reported improved sleep. And almost half said they slept perfectly.6

But one cause of sleep problems requires more than herbs. And that’s a hormone imbalance. But, once again, there’s a natural answer.

Restore Balance to Your Sleep

When it comes to sleep, there’s one area where men and women are equal. Everyone’s levels of the sleep hormone, melatonin, start to drop by middle age. But studies prove that taking a nutritional supplement with melatonin in the evening can help restore sleep.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) tested small amounts of melatonin on people with sleep problems. The volunteers fell asleep faster and slept better after taking melatonin. And it had no “hangover” effect in the morning.7

To help you get to sleep, I included these 6 nutrients and herbs – plus 16 more – in my complete sleep formula, DeltaSom. You can click here to learn more about it:

As a woman, you’re less likely than a man to get the sleep you need… yet you need it more. With the ingredients in DeltaSom, you can finally enjoy night after night of restful sleep again.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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