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So easy…that Cavemen did it! Why can’t you?

There are very few things as important to human life as food…yet its contents tends to be one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to meal decisions.

Last week…we talked about how to eat in the article titled, “Sir…would you like a coffin with those fries”…

But today we need to talk about what to eat…

100,000 years ago…man didn’t have highly-processed, fast food restaurants or grocery stores on every corner…man ate what he could hunt or gather.

There were no “Hamburger” trees or “Candy Bar” plants…ancient man ate raw, uncooked food sometimes while running away from something that was trying to eat them!

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that problem (for the most part, anyways)…if you’re hungry…you can stroll through your air conditioned house to your refrigerator or pantry and pick out something eat.

No muss, no fuss…your biggest problem will be trying to decide between a cold slice of yesterday’s pizza or a bag of potato chips.

But as advanced as we are (technologically speaking)…we could learn a lot from our wilder ancestors.

Though tens of thousands of years separate us from our nomadic forefathers…and our societies are incredibly distinct from each others…our bodies haven’t changed and are virtually interchangeable with our ancient counterparts.

Keeping that in mind…plant-based foods (or fruits and veggies!) were the bulk of their daily meal intake…and they should probably be yours as well.

Raymond Francis puts it best in his book, Never Be FAT Again

“Our bodies were not designed to thrive on processed food, which has become commonplace in the last century along with our epidemic of chronic disease and overweight.”

In the centuries leading up to the 20th…fat was the anomaly not the norm…but throughout the 1900’s…it became more commonplace at an alarming rate.

And the difference was the processing of food…

A processed food is one in which it has been altered in any way in order to…

  • lower its production cost
  • lengthen its shelf life
  • make it look more appealing or makes you
    want to eat more of it

Resulting in the reduction of its nutritional content and/or the increase of toxins.

Even scarier…

The dictionary’s definition of “Processed Food” is…

“any of a variety of operations by which raw foodstuffs are made suitable for consumption, cooking, or storage.”

The irony of this definition is that practically ALL “raw foodstuffs” are suitable for consumption, cooking, or storage exactly the way they are.

If what big food companies are doing is taking raw food and “processing” it for your consumption…

I say skip the middle man and just eat the foods as they come!

If you’re looking for another reason to consume a diet high in fruit and vegetables…look no further than Phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are those chemicals derived from the pigments in plants…and research has shown how these important nutrients provide protection from many of the chronic and deadly diseases known to man.

Your parents always told you to finish your vegetables…and they couldn’t have been more right. Believe it or not…this “rabbit food” is actually as good for you as they said!

Here’s another secret…the more brightly colored fruits and vegetables are…means it contains the most phytochemicals and provides the most health benefits.

Phytochemicals are also where we get most of our anti-oxidants from.

You’ve probably heard that term thrown around a lot over the past few years…especially with the birth of these “Super Drinks” some of your friends have tried to push on you…

But do you know why anti-oxidants are so important to your body?

Raymond Francis has a way of putting things in understandable terms, and this is what he has to say,

“Numerous phytochemicals are among the over fifteen hundred known antioxidants that provide cellular protection by neutralizing free radicals that would otherwise damage our genes and tissues and weaken our ability to self-repair.”

Gene damaging free radicals?

No thanks! You’d be better served to get rid of those little monsters before they do any damage..

So when planning your weekly shopping trip…you should be sure to buy (and eat!) vegetables and fruits from all the basic color groups in order to get the most phytochemicals and anti-oxidants as possible…such as:

  • Green– (the darker the better!) such as spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, and brussels sprouts
  • Blue/Purple– such as eggplant, plums, blueberries, blackberries, and grapes
  • Red– beets, bell peppers, tomatoes, raspberries, and strawberries
  • Orange-carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, mangos, and oranges
  • White– onions, garlic, turnips, and cauliflower

Think of them as the “Original” fast foods!

Stay healthy!

Shawn Ambrosino

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