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Slim Down Naturally – Without the Hunger Pangs

Slim Down Naturally – Without the Hunger Pangs


We humans are a lot like bears. As the cold weather approaches, we tend to eat more. Somewhere deep in our “reptile mind” we still see the winter months as a tough time to find food.


Unlike bears, though, we don’t find a good place to snooze for a few months… and wake up thin and hungry come springtime. But new research may just give us the bears’ advantage – but without having to take a long nap.


A research team has discovered that it’s not just what you eat, but when you eat it, that matters.


I’ve written to you about a similar idea in the past. People who eat a high-protein breakfast – instead of the usual load of carbs – tend to feel full longer and gain less weight.


The scientists have discovered how to create a similar, and even more dramatic, effect. Here’s how they proved their point…


They took 78 overweight police officers and assigned them to eat one of two diets. One group ate a typical weight loss diet. The second group changed the time of day they ate certain foods.


The scientists tested both groups over the course of six months. And the time-of-day group came out ahead on every measure, every time.


They lost more weight and more fat than the dieters… and had thinner waists. Their blood sugar, cholesterol and C-reactive protein levels were all better than the diet group.1


Even more amazing, the time-of-day group also felt less hungry… and hungry less often than the dieters. In fact, the researchers discovered that their “hunger hormone” levels had changed – without the influence of vitamins and herbs.


Leptin is a hormone that tells your body you’re full. Levels of this hormone are normally lowest during the day. Another hormone – ghrelin – tells your body you’re hungry, and its levels are usually highest during the day.


But in the time-of-day group, these numbers shifted towards reverse. Their leptin numbers went up during the day – so they were less hungry when they were awake. And their ghrelin levels went down during the day – so their body’s didn’t get such strong hunger messages.


The big difference between the groups? When they ate carbs.


Most diet plans tell you to spread high-carbohydrate foods out over the course of the day. And that’s what the “standard diet” volunteers did. They lost weight and got healthier. But they were also hungrier and had slower result than the second group.


The time-of-day group ate almost all their carbs at supper. And the results were nothing short of remarkable. Faster weight loss, better blood results, and less effort.


I’m a fan of a low-glycemic diet… which means eating minimal carbs. But if giving up high-carb foods completely feels like too much work, this new research may provide your answer.



1 Sofer, S., et al, “Greater Weight Loss and Hormonal Changes After 6 Months Diet With Carbohydrates Eaten Mostly at Dinner,” Obesity. 2011; 19(10): 2006–2014.



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