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Sh-h-h-h… This Is About Sex

Sh-h-h-h… This Is About Sex

Sh-h-h-h… This Is About SexAs I grew fatter and more out of shape, making love became difficult. Not only because it was intense exercise – something I didn’t handle well at the time – but because my libido shrank as my belly grew. But something even worse happened…

I started to hate my body.

I couldn’t stand to see myself in a mirror. I didn’t like people looking at me. If I could have become a hermit, I’d have considered it.

Try being intimate with your partner when you loathe every square centimeter of your bloated body. It’s not the way to make romantic memories that last a lifetime.

Now, for the good news…

Losing weight reverses the trend. My self-loathing has faded along with the pounds. Once I got thinner, I started to rediscover my libido. And needless to say, getting in shape again can’t hurt in the bedroom department.

I also read an interesting factoid a while back. For about every 25 pounds a heavy man loses, he effectively gains an inch. Which may not make him a better lover, but it’s a great motivator.

The best part of the new thinner and more energetic me is how it affects my relationship with HB.

She’s proven herself a saint in many ways. But putting up with me while I was a fat mass of self-disgust probably tops the list.

Now I’ve gotten comfortable with her again, because I’m more comfortable with myself. I won’t say it isn’t taking some work… but I have a few bad years to make up for.

After the fact, I’ve also discovered a couple of “hidden” reasons being overweight can kill your sex life.

First, when a guy packs on belly fat, it changes his hormone balance. So don’t joke about that “road muscle,” guys. It turns us into women.

Well, not quite, but it does trigger a conversion process in your body. The bigger your belly, the more testosterone your body converts to estrogen.

Remember your high school biology? Testosterone (T) is the hormone that switched on all your manly traits at puberty. So fat converting your T into estrogen isn’t doing your love life any favors.

But drop the fat, and you stop the process. Which can help bring your manhood back.

Obesity also appears to affect your prostate.

Science has already proven fat causes overall inflammation. Now Italian doctors, looking at over 200 men’s sonograms, have found a link between obesity and enlarged prostate glands. Packing on weight seems to cause unhealthy enlargement of that key little gland.

So now I have another good reason to drop those last 25 pounds. Plus, there’s that whole extra inch thing…

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