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Sex After 60

I thought I might do something a bit different today guys. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk quite a bit lately about the Testosterone/ Estrogen connection – and the broad range of effects they have on a man’s body.
The long and short of it is Testosterone is what makes men, men – Estrogen on the other hand has the exact opposite effect.

Estrogen being primarily a female hormone can transform an otherwise healthy vigorous man into a mere shadow of his former self.

And therein lies the problem – because as we get older our hormones undergo a drastic and problematic shift.

It usually happens sometime around our 40th birthday – our strong manly bodies that once brimmed with life giving testosterone start producing less and less of this vital male hormone. And in its place Estrogen fills the gap – and slowly begins turning us into woman.

Over the years I’ve seen different estimates – but on average it’s been estimated that the average 60 year old man has less Testosterone pumping through his veins than his 60 year old wife.

Rising Estrogen Levels May be Turning You into a Woman!

Right now it’s week erections… a diminished sex drive…and a flabby gut…but very soon you could need a BRA! So it’s imperative that you protect your manhood today with this one simple solution.

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But even worse than that is the fact that the vacuum created by this lack of healthy testosterone production allows Estrogen to move in and fill the void. And what happens next is what your doctor has probably been telling you is all a part of getting older…

Timid Erections…lack of energy…fragile bones…diminished sex drive…loss of muscle mass and tone…a soggy gut…and many men actually end up developing breast!

The truth is however this doesn’t have to be the case – thanks to the latest research in men’s health and anti-aging there have been tremendous breakthroughs identifying certain substances that can stop this feminizing trend and return our manly swaggers.

Over the last couple weeks I’m sure you’ve heard me mention Mandro RX at least a dozen times – and rave about its ability to quickly and naturally ramp up your body’s natural production of testosterone and more importantly flush your system clean of the destructive female hormone estrogen.

I’m a huge fan – and after today I’m an even bigger fan. Because when I came into the office this morning I had an email in my box from a very nice gentleman who hadn’t had an erection in over year because of a very serious hormonal imbalance.

He even went through all the trouble of turning it into an audio file so I could listen to his story. And I’ll tell you what, it really touched me.

So of course I got right on the phone and asked his permission to send it to you, so you could have a listen. His response was “if it can help one person that was in the same boat I was – by all means!”

And that’s what I did – so if any of the things you’ve heard me talk about today really strike a cord with you than I urge you to follow this link and listen to a guy that was in the same boat as you (probably worse) just 8 short days ago – and learn how he dug himself out.

Because there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do the same thing. And after you hear his story – I hope you’ll realize like this isn’t just a part of getting old. There IS something that can be done!

Finally: a pain fighting formula that not only eradicates pain but also increases joint mobility and repairs years of damage from constant wear and tear. And this is the only place you’ll find it, anywhere.

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And after hearing his story if you’d like to try Mandro RX for yourself to see how well it really works you can follow this link here and try it for yourself Risk Free for a full year.

That’s right – risk free for 1 full year. So give it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sure we probably won’t live forever – but we sure as hell can feel and function like we will!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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