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Secret vitamin for healthier nails and more…

Overlooked Vitamin Boosts Health and Beauty

Beauty may only be skin deep, but we all want to be attractive. And we’re willing to spend good money… even on the details. Take nail care, for instance. Americans spend about $6 billion a year in nail salons.

That’s right, $6 billion.

And here’s the sad part… If you have brittle, flaky nails, you can visit the nail salon every day, and they won’t be able to fix it. All they can do is cover up the problem.

Fortunately, there may be a simple, inexpensive answer to your problem. It’s biotin.

If biotin rings a bell with you, but you’re not quite sure exactly what it is, don’t feel bad. Modern medicine had the same problem for decades.

Researchers discovered biotin in the 1930’s. But it took 40 years to figure out it’s a vitamin. That is, it’s an organic nutrient that your body needs, but can’t make.

Today, we know that biotin plays an important role in several key functions. Your body needs it to make fatty acids. It’s an essential part of several key enzymes. You need it to get energy from non-carbohydrate foods. And biotin is involved in making copies of your DNA – your genetic blueprint.

A 3-oz. serving of liver covers your daily need for biotin. Eggs are another excellent source. Pork, salmon, avocados and cauliflower also provide a fair amount of this important vitamin.

But if you have brittle, flaky nails, you may benefit from taking a supplement containing biotin. That’s what several studies seem to say.

A Swiss research team gave biotin to a group of volunteers. Some had strong, healthy nails. Others had brittle, flaky nails.

People with strong healthy nails didn’t see a change. But those with brittle nails did. Their nails began to grow in up to 25% thicker. And their nails were much less likely to split than before.1

If you have brittle nails, a nutritional supplement containing biotin might help. You can also buy biotin alone, and it’s quite inexpensive.

It may also be an inexpensive way to help you control an important health issue.

Several studies have looked at biotin’s ability to promote better blood sugar control. And they’ve all failed, except…

Except when you combine biotin with another common supplement.

The results were remarkable when scientists at Yale University gave biotin and chromium picolinate to adults with hard-to-control blood sugar. Their blood sugar levels dropped. And so did their levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats).2

This study was no fluke, either. A Texas study tested this powerful combo with 447 adults. All of them had problems controlling their blood sugar levels.

Some took a placebo. The rest took the biotin/chromium combo for 90 days. The combo group experienced a significant drop in their blood sugar levels.3

And here’s the kicker… In both studies, the volunteers were already being treated – unsuccessfully – for high blood sugar.

If you’re concerned about your blood sugar levels, it may be worth your while to talk to your doctor about this often overlooked vitamin.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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